Water cooling the Pentuim D 805

I won't be left off the bandwagon!
After reading Tom's article on the 805, I just had to try it. Unfortunately, I am a bit of a water-cooling novice. I have done a bit of researching on my own, and I have come up with a set-up that I want some experienced users to critique and flame before I hand over my cash.
Swiftech MCP655 Liquid Cooling Pump
Swiftech Apogee CPU Block
Zalman ZM-GWB2 VGA Block
Swiftech MCR-120 Radiator
I am going to pipe this together with some hardware-store-bought tubing (10x8 mm?) and a distilled-water/antifreeze mix. My questions are:

Is the one 120mm radiator going to be enough to dissipate the heat from the processor? The VGA cooler will be going on to a 7900GT and, depending on how the CPU overclock goes, I would like to overclock that, too.

How big of a case will I need? I had my eye on the Lian-Li PS-7A plus II. It's a pretty compact case, but I figured some of the components (namely the radiator) could be mounted on the outside of the case. I was also planning on replacing the 120mm exhaust fan with a Thermaltake Thunderblade A1928. As far as case recommendations go, this computer is going into an entertainment center, so smaller is better.

I was originally planning on just doing a t-line, but I've since read those can be a pain. What would you all recommend for a resivoir?

I understand that I am undertaking quite a project, and that's why I want to make sure about what I buy.
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  1. i have the impression that a water cooling set up is $200 +.

    are you going for the big 4.0 ?

    what memory are you going to use ? it looks like you're going for a major OC (and maybe a world record ?)
  2. Well, yes, I was planning on going for the full 4.0 gHz. An 800 mHz bus seemed the best way to do it. I had my eye on some Patriot eXtreme DDR2-800 memory, 2x1GB.
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