Who is better nas, or kool g rap. explain?

I say nas.nas is considered the most complete mc by people,not kool g rap.has has classc lyrical albums which die hard hip hop fans praise with amazin story telling abilities like it was written,as I am,lost tapes,illmatic, (even life is good is respected and considered a great album by hip hop fans.),and songs like i can, ny state of mind, the world is yours, one mic, hip hop is dead, i gave you power, One Love ,Poppa was a playa ,Ghetto Prisoners,NY State of mind pt. 2n.o one praises kool g rap for having good albums., good songs,nas is lyrically a genius,storyrwlling.nas influenced numerous rappers.evry hip hop fan praises nas but so many praise kool g rap.nas is more original. kool g rap just yells at you.

kool g rap, not Nas.is too limited in subject matter and recycles his flow a lot of the time.

Kool g raps discography sucks and he wasn't very good at all rapper.generic like lil wayne talking about the same crap in all his songs like hoes, killing people, guns, how its cool to be a gangsta.

Nas had originality like talkin about ghetto life,live,politics,racism.nas has better flow,rhyne scene,stayin on point.kool g rao was bad at staying on point.

Nas is lyrically consistent,not g rap. k rap talks baout the same crap in all his songs, while nas is more versatble.kool g rap sold out, but not nas. i hear a lot of r&b singers in g rap's music these days meaning kool g rap cares more about $

All of nas's songs are masterpiece that painted pictures of the sorrowful ghetto life right in front of my eyes, with so much depth that even Mr. Suburbanite could understand the trials and tribulations of the streets. Nas stepped into the studio with his skills and a blunt (or two or three) and spit description-packed lyrics that tell stories in a way kool g rap never did.
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  1. in the greater sense of careers and influence then Nas wins.
    but Kool G Rap is one of the main influence of Nas early in his career.

    so knowing how Nas thinks, he would be respectful and give props to Kool G Rap before he claims to be better than him.

    both are from Queens NY but not the same part.
    Kool G Rap is older then Nas and was established already when Nas started coming out and making a name for himself.
    it was Kool G Rap that presented Nas a trophy at a local rapping contest in NY back in like 1987 or something like that.
    before Nas even had a deal.
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