Gainward Bliss GeForce 7800GS+ 512MB AGPx8 GDDR3 (WOW!!)

Hello Friends

"stateboy" the newbi here. I love to game, it relaxes me. I am no computer guru, thats for sure ! So be easy on me (tech wise)

Now, i just bought this new video card from Overclockers.UK.
I know, your first thought is $$$$. It was more money than the typical AGP video card. But trust me, this ain`t no typical AGP video card !

I just loaded up "OBLIVION" and my video settings were set to ultra high !


NOTE,,,This is the 7800GS Plus (+)

I`m sorry, this post has been covered already.
pay no attention to me.


AMD 64 3400+
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  1. /plant

  2. Hello all

    Prozac26, well that gives me a good 2yrs. to use it. Why 2 yrs,, i`ll wait until DX10 is a couple yrs. old before i make the move.

    Raven_87, I have no idea what your post means. But as a 48 yr. old whos fought in 2 wars AND LIVES IN OHIO ALSO, i sure hope you were not making fun of me !

    i`ve shit bigger turds than you.
  3. Prozac26, i don`t know if it makes a difference, but i do not have a 7800GS. I have the 7800gs+

    They are 2 very different video cards.

  4. PROZAC26,

    I`m quite certain that you know nothing about my finances.

    I think you must mean that its more money than YOU would/could care to spend.

    Or did you mean that Gainward was asking too much for this card ?

    And by the way, on another board, this card was compared to the 7900GTX.

    Opinions,, well, you know what they say about opinions !!
  5. Quote:
    It's basically a 7900GT for AGP. I wouldn't recommend getting an expensive AGP card, since DX10 cards should be needed next year at this time, to you'll probably need to move to PCI-E. But for now, it's a very good card.
    As usual, I agree with Prozac :wink: . I'm not going to yell at you for spending $$$ because it's your $$$, not mine. In the meantime, enjoy the card.
  6. That card should last you a long time if you only play today's games! I bought my 6800gt almost a year ago now, and i'm still very happy with it. It plays all the games i want to play (DoDS, CSS, BF2 FEAR etc) at a decent detail level at a decent res.

    So theoretically (unless you want to play at super high res at uber max details with 8x AA and 16x AF) your card should be good enough for the next gen of games, such as Crysis. Apparently the demo that was shown for it was running on a single x1900!! Which means your card should run it fine!).
  7. Hahaha, priceless. Someone creates a thread just to say, "What do you think of my new video card?" Then a knowledgeable person offers up an opinion, and the original poster attacks that person because he doesn't like what he's hearing. Good stuff.
  8. Slow down now, i realize i`m the new kid in school. and the only issue i was questioning was his opinion that i spent to much $$$ on the card.

    Thats not his call,, it does not matter how "knowledgable" he is on computers.
  9. The plant thing is an issue you'll have to read into about might help. Didnt really mean it as an attack (if it was precieved that way)....just light humor.

    Nice to meet yet another from Ohio. May I ask a little more specifically where?
  10. Quote:
    Nice to meet yet another from Ohio. May I ask a little more specifically where?
    Are you PO'd that the Pistons beat the Cavs?
  11. Quote:
    the only issue i was questioning was his opinion that i spent to much $$$ on the card.

    That depends... how much was your card, and how much is a PCI express 7900 GT where you're from?

    Because if the difference in price would have bought you a new motherboard, the PCIe mobo & 7900 GT might have been a better bet.

    But it doesn't matter all that much now, because you already have the card. So enjoy it, regardless!
  12. For that price you could have a real 7900GTX or X1900 XTX on PCIe. :?
  13. Raven_87,
    Just a few miles south of Columbus. Thank you for setting that straight.

    No, don`t really watch too many pro sports. I do watch and enjoy collage football though. And that brings up a good question for you, are PO`d that the buckeyes have won 3 of the last 4 meetings ? :lol:

    PS. if you read my post i edited it with "i`m sorry this post has already been covered. Pay no attention to me."

    And that was before anyone had posted a reply. And i never asked for anyones opinions. But that did not matter to prozac26 he was going to give his negative opinion regardless. There are guys like him on every forum. Giving opinions, when no ask them for one !
  14. Quote:
    I know, the 7800GS+ is basically a 7900GT for AGP, I know. I'm saying that it won't last two years because it doesn't support the feature set of DX10, and games will requirwe DX10 cards to run about same time next year. I'm saying that it was too much to spend for an AGP card.

    well, I dont think 2 years is out of the question at all for a high-end card... with m$ pushing vista back farther each day (and dx10 requires vista as far as they say) dx10 is not going to even be an option until next year... and then even w/ it out the install base wont be high enough for a while and so no game comming out will have it as a requirement, only an option... and that will prb not change at least until 2008... more likely longer. (unless of course the vista adoption rate is higher than any new os previously or m$ releases dx10 for winXP ;) )

    Another thing is that w/ dx9 it took a good 2 years for the devs to even explore what it was capable of, and only now do we see games really hitting the features. Even crysis, as good as it is "only" uses dx9. (many games comming out say that they "can" enable dx10 when the time comes though).

    The card I had before my current one was a 9700pro. That thing went for 3+ years before it hit the wall. Games are always behind, and while that card was certainly WAY ahead of anything else out for many moons, the 7900 core is not a slouch. 2 years is a practical assesment I think.

    The $ spent on agp is another matter and can be argued many ways. Considering that when even if he upgraded to a pci-e mobo for a new video card, come the next upgrade time (his aforementioned 2 years) he would buy a whole new platform again anyway, so I dont think it is a totally unreasonable thing to get the "expensive" agp card. JMO of course.
  15. The 9700 was an amazing card, the 7900 is average at best.
  16. Ahh i remember that card, was brilliant in it's day. Nothing else could touch it! A bit like my old 2 x Voodoo 2 sli setup. Now that brings back memories...
  17. Quote:
    Nice to meet yet another from Ohio. May I ask a little more specifically where?
    Are you PO'd that the Pistons beat the Cavs?

    Pissed was the least emotion is was feeling. I went into a deep, dark, depressed, destructive (4 D's) state for the couple days after that, but I'm in recovery.

    The Browns are looking promising, the Buckeyes of course will dominate, and the Indians might have a shot at the playoff's as well. So I'm optimistic.
  18. yes, the 7900 is not the 9700... a bit better than average but not as high as that card was. (the 97/9800 was the mark to beat, and no card did until the gf6 series, yet it came out next to the gf4!) That is why I said I do not expect the 7900 to last as long as the 9700 did, but it should have the longevity that the OP is looking for... at least close to it anyway. ;)
  19. If you think that DX 10 will be required totally well that's...............optimistic at best. Maybe it will be in a few games but don't expect a flood of games utilizing it.
  20. Good for you...truth is, if I was able to get that card here in the States for a few $USD less, I would have gotten it over my EVGA 7800GS Superclock...don't listen to the nay-sayers that it was too much money, you're right, it's yours to spend, that's why we make money, to spend it, and if you can't "waste" money on an "overpriced" gpu, what the f~ck can you spend your money on in this world?! (besides women and booze, I mean :lol: )

    Also, that card will serve you well for at least another 2 years...DX10 will make a difference, but not enough to justify jumping on the bandwagon right now and getting a whole new mobo and GPU just to run DX10 games...think about it, was the jump from DX8 to DX9 all that?!. Hell, it took game dvelopers about 2 years to release games that actually used DX9, let alone whatever happens with DX10. I'll admit, the DX9 games might arguably look better, maybe even run a little smoother, but the DX version doesn't make a game any more playable, if that was true, Shadow Warrior, Warcraft, and Starcraft wouldn't still have the following they do today...

    P.S - Vista does not require can get the estimated requirements noted below from this article on the betanews site.

    But consumers looking to take full advantage of Windows Vista, including its new advanced user interface called Aero, will need more powerful hardware. A 1GHz processor, 40GB hard drive and 1GB of RAM are required at the base level, as well as a modern DirectX 9 graphics card with at least 128MB of video RAM. 256MB of video memory is required for higher resolutions.

    Good luck!
  21. What card did you have before? And was it a noticeable improvment?

    Can you run a 3D marks 05 & link an ORB (just click on the links in my sig. for an example), I would like to see how well it does.
    I been thinking about it, since Ati hasn't released a good apg card since the X850XTPE.
  22. Quote:
    P.S - Vista does not require DX10...

    I said earlier that vista is required to run dx10... not the other way around. ;)

    according to m$ (so far anyway) those not running vista will be capped at dx9. It is not saying that dx10 is required for anything, but you cant use it w/o vista. We will have to wait and see if that is a smart move or not... 8O
  23. im interested in purchasing a Gainward Bliss GeForce 7800GS+, as im currently running an AGP MOBO and have no intention of making the jump to PCI-e just yet, but my only concern is with DirectX 10, as im not up to scratch with my theory on this matter.

    Im not overly interested in the fancy new technology that DirectX 10 will offer like the Version 4 shading or whatever, and obviously it will need a DirectX 10 card to do all that, but will DX10 be able to be installed with this card, or even if i dont get a new card, will it still run on my old Radeon 9800?

    Like i said before, i dont really care for the fancy stuff, as long as i can run the latest games requiring DX 10 on my 'older' generation system im happy
  24. dx10 will not work on anything but a windows vista machine. winXP will not work with it. That is not a hardware limitation but an OS one.

    assuming you had vista installed and it ran on your 9800, then dx10 will work fine. Just like dx9 working on a dx8 card. It just wont be able to do any actual dx10 features, but you could install it.
  25. aaah cool

    i thought it could, but i wanted to be sure before i forked out $599 (aussie dollars :wink: ) to find it will only last a year
  26. Where are you getting it from, I just got mine from yesterday.
    It's good so far. Scores well without CO'ing it.
    Still trying to work out the Nvidia setup now.
  27. Quote:
    dx10 will not work on anything but a windows vista machine. winXP will not work with it. That is not a hardware limitation but an OS one.

    assuming you had vista installed and it ran on your 9800, then dx10 will work fine. Just like dx9 working on a dx8 card. It just wont be able to do any actual dx10 features, but you could install it.

    yep. basicly its either you have DX10 or you dont. You can run Vista on DX9 becuase it will have DX9, however if your going to get vista you might as well get the DX10 Card..

    On a lighter note M$ screwed over the gammer, Only the Buisness Versions and Ultimate support more then one basicly if you have a dual core machine (or planning to get it) you basicly have to get Ultimate for the OS to support it......damn bastages
  28. I was about to get it from for $599, but ended up just ordering it from for $594 which includes freight. might take a little longer to get here, but i wont be able to play with it for 2 weeks anyway cos im going away :(
  29. It's big! I had fun trying to get the lock in on my mobo.

    Scorptec got it to me overnight, Melbourne to North Queensland. I was happily surprised. 8O :D

    Two weeks :!: , that's going to be tough.
    Enjoy when you can. :D
  30. Bloody TAFE lol

    im normally in donnybrook W.A (about 2.5 hours south of perth) so it usually takes a few days for me to get anything unless it comes from perth. I think ill just drink the 2 weeks away so they go quicker haha
  31. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! I just bought one of these cards too. Just about to finish work and go install it. Upgrading from a 6600GT 128meg. Reasong i got it, is that not long ago i upgraded to a A64 3800+. So i thought that plus the gainward bliss would have to see me through at least 12months (hopefully 24 months). This is by far the most i have ever spent on a card, and after reading the posts about direct x 10, i dont regret it. If i worried about things like that i'd never be able to upgrade!

    PS I got mine from auspcmarket - got to me overnight from sydney and i live just an hour north of Brisbane, pretty bloody sweet!
  32. ya good for u, the card is more than average for now. but u will see ur card getting outdated as the time goes by, but hey, is this happening all the time for everyone?so just ignore what others say, the thing is, u've got yourself a good card. guess what, i've got myself a G4 ti4200 in 2003, even though there's directX9 available few months after i bought the card, but it continue to serve me happily untill around middle of last year, then i bought a 6800GS.
  33. just enjoy it till his end.. since you already got it, enjoy!
  34. I got my card yesterday. Ran sweet-as straight after install, no problems at all. :D I have been reading on a thread at how some guys are getting it to 650mhz core and 1500mhz mem (about the same as a 7900gtx) thats with a voltage mod though. But most are claiming to be able get around 590mhz core and 1400 mem with out any mods or special cooling. Thats some where between a 7900gt and gtx. I am very happy, i can run BF2 1280x960 4xAA and 8xAF with everything set to high, and it still runs like an "arcade machine".

    In 3dmark 2006 on my first run i got 3717 at stock speeds (450mhz core 1250 mem). Then i tried overclocking the card to 500 core and 1350 mem and got 4014 in 3dmark06. (My gat is an A64 3800+ running stock with generic ram - 1gig). The crappy software that came with the card wont let me go past 500mhz! So i have just downloaded rivatuner, i will give that a burl at some higher clock speeds :)
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