Laptop harddrive decrease battery life

I was looking on upgrading my 40 gb 4600 hd in my laptop to this
Just for more speed and larger storage.
I have an hp with 2800+ sempron
764 ddr333
blah blha
I get about 2.25 hours now.
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  1. well, hard drives dont consume too much energy, but this one being 7200rpm versus your 4600 will consume a little more...
    just for information, a desktop drive consumes an average of 8W when idle, but i dont know how this translates to battery life... i would risk to say that it will be too much if it reduces your battery life in 10-15 minutes...
  2. The Hatichi consumes 10% more power than a 4200rpm. The trade off is more usable work time. A 4200rpm drive has a trasfer speed arount 25mps. The Hitachi 7K100 has 50. So you give up maybe 10-15 min run time, but you are working and not waiting on the harddrive to load, which is 70% of the time.

    I moved up to the Hitachi 7K100 4 mo ago, never looked back. Wish I had done it earlier.
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