My Windows 7 will not load even after I reformatted

Hey guys I'm having a huge problem and it's annoying the hell out of me.

My Windows 7 was not able to load multiple times after I reformat the HD timse and times again. I also followed some tips to system restore and what not in Safe Mode but that still doesn't work. I'm currently typing this problem in Safe mode with Network but that's the thing... I'm able to load into Windows but not in a normal way. Help please!

I'm having a suspicion that my HD cache might have messed up. I'm still using Intel's faulty p67 motherboard too, is that also the problem?
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  1. apparently the chipset on the board is defective, and intel has recalled the board.
    I would guess that this is the issue and not installing the operating system...
    so stop being annoyed. I would recommend a Gigabyte board instead.
  2. The regular SATA2 ports are unaffected by the Cougar Point chipset defect.
  3. Hmm wasn't that a problem with the SATA2 connections and not the chipsets that affected the defected Intel motherboards?

    After I reinstalled Windows for the last time I'm now getting random shutdowns.
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