P4N SLi second VGA shutting PC down upon install

The subject is pretty explanatory. If anyone has any input, I would really appreciate it . . . and if you help me out alot, I might just buy you some chicken and beer.

I have a MSI P4N SLi motherboard attempting to run 2x px6800gt TDH's by leadtek. I oringinally had two that worked fine, I sold one because it was overkill, and now I got another one because the prices have hit rock bottom. Im having a problem getting it to work a second time around, severe problems, in fact. I will probably die of an ulcer from worrying before I finish working on this sucker. Anyways, I tested both VGAs and they both work fine when set as the main card. So, they both work right, Im guessing its a mobo problem. Ive tried even reformatting back to the stoneage that is my XP install disc, and that didnt help either. Basically, I install drivers for the first, and its all good, then I install drivers for the second, and as it completes, it crashes, restarts, hits a blue error screen that flashes too quick to read, then restarts again prompting safe mode. The only way out of the loop is to go to safe mode and uninstall my drivers. I dont know what to do, but I would appreciate any input on this.
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  1. If that BSOD is flashing too quickly to read, you can try this: Hit F8 when Windows starts to load just like you would do if you wanted to boot into safe mode. You'll see an option that says "Disable automatic restart on system failure." Then when the BSOD shows up next time, it won't reboot. The error message might give you a better idea of what's going wrong. It also might confuse you even more, but it's worth a shot.
  2. Wasnt much help, thanks for the input though.

    A friend suggested flashing bios on the video cards, but alas . . . I dont have a floppy. I guess Ill have to see about changing that.

    any other help is still very much appreciated.
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