Nvidia 'Confirms' GeForce 7600 for AGP on the way

It's nice to hear they are going to release another AGP version of the 7 series. Here's the full story.

Leading graphics chip supplier Nvidia Corp. on Wednesday indirectly confirmed existence of plans to release at least one GeForce 7600-series graphics card for previous-generation systems with accelerated graphics port (AGP) bus. This confirms earlier reports about Nvidia’s intention to allow users of inexpensive or old computers to get modern graphics technology.

Among the other supported products, Nvidia’s ForceWare 91.28 drivers support GeForce 7600 GS graphics cards for AGP bus, a product, which the company has not yet announced. The GeForce 7600 GS product by Nvidia serves $120 – $150 per graphics card market segment and provides mainstream-class performance. Earlier it was reported that Nvidia’s partners were going to release AGP flavours of the GeForce 7600 GT and 7900 GT-based graphics cards, but Nvidia has never confirmed such a plan.

GeForce 7600 GS graphics processor has 12 pixel shader units, 5 vertex shader units, is clocked at 400MHz and comes with 256MB of 128-bit 800MHz GDDR3 memory. Specifications of the model 7600 GS for AGP 8x are unclear.

Nowadays virtually all graphics processors are made for PCI Express bus, which is present in the vast majority of the new computers on the market. As a result of that, makers of graphics cards have to use special bridges that allow PCI Express graphics processing units (GPUs) to communicate with the AGP bus. Every additional chip costs additional money and add complexity to graphics boards, which means that AGP flavours of graphics cards cost slightly more compared to similarly configured PCI Express products.

In addition to the GeForce 7600 GS for AGP, the new beta ForceWare drivers support some other unannounced products, such as the GeForce 7500 LE for PCI Express, GeForce 6800 XT/XE/LE for AGP and PCI Express as well as GeForce 7800 GS for PCI Express.

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  1. Ya I'm not sure but I sure am thankfull. This is exactly what I've been looking for :D .

    I just saw this petition for an AGP card today, I don't know if there are anymore of them out there or not but it has 6,738 signatures on it.

    I'm glad they chose to do this because there are still alot of people out there who haven't dumped thier AGP boards. I am one of them.
    I have the Radeon 9600 on the socket 939 so I wanted to get a nice geforce 7 series but I know someone who got the 7800 for agp and didn't like it as much as he thought he would.
  2. Well, nVidia released the 7800GS AGP which was aimed at the higher end of the AGP market...this must be in response to the call for a mid-range newer AGP card...good for nVidia, filling the gap in the market and giving the consumers what they want, just like a good company should.

    Probably no point in ATI even bothering to release a newer AGP card (not because AGP is dead, au contraire you nay-sayers, and this is proof!) but because nVidia seems to have that segment buttoned up.
  3. Sweet. I wonder what the price will be...
  4. Quote:
    I don't see why they would release an AGP card, when new platforms will likely dump AGP.

    While new platforms will, there is still a ton of "old" platforms out there. And nvidia already had the tech to make this bridge chip since they made one for the 78 series of cards (essentially the same GPU). So it was a small step to make a mainstream AGP card. I doubt the price will be much higher than the 7600GT, maybe 10-20 more probably.

    That being said, it wouldn't surprise me at all if this were the last of the AGP cards from nvidia.
  5. Great news... the 7600 GT will deliver similar performance to a stock 7800 GS for way less cash.

    If this makes it to retail, it's going to own the AGP upgrader's market for people who have been holding on to their Gefore FXs and Radeon 9x00 cards...
  6. just when i thought i was gonna drop for a x800gto (see poll not two days ago), this announcement comes along...thanx for the heads up :wink:
  7. Props out to nVidia. I'm sure their are still a lot of people using older boards that would welcome this.

    ATI doesn't have a SM 3.0 AGP card to compete in this sector. It costs very little to install the bridge chip (which ATI could do as well). There's still some money to be made here. If I was still using an AGP board I would jump on this as soon as it came out.

    It comes at a good time. There are still a lot of users holding out for the dust to settle over AMD/Conroe/Vista. This card can easily hold them over for a year until they make the switch.
  8. Quote:
    Sweet. I wonder what the price will be...

    As stated in the OP...
    The GeForce 7600 GS product by Nvidia serves $120 – $150 per graphics card market segment...
  9. Quote:

    That being said, it wouldn't surprise me at all if this were the last of the AGP cards from nvidia.

    Yeah, riiight. This was the thinking back in Dec with the 6800GS and then in Feb with the 7800GS......
  10. Quote:
    Great news... the 7600 GT will deliver similar performance to a stock 7800 GS for way less cash.

    Ok...but isn't 7600GT a PCIe card?! How does that help those of us with AGP?
  11. When I read the title I had thought it was a GT, not a GS, for AGP.

    Still, a GS for AGP would be nice, too...

    And if they're making a GS for AGP, you can bet someone will clock it to GT speeds. Hopefully it won't cost an arm and a leg though.
  12. oops... :oops: sorry....

    I know I'll be getting PCI-E with Conroe though...so it really doesn't matter
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