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I recently bought a Lenovo Computer with Windows 7 Home Premium on it. I also bought a Lenovo monitor.

Periodically I get a notice that the screen resolution is not correct for optimum screen resolution. It suggests that the resolution be set to 1920x1080 (which is what it is set at). I can' seem to find what is triggering the notice. What should I be looking for?
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  1. Is the native resolution of your monitor 1920 x 1080? What model of monitor is it?

    If the monitor has a different native resolution then you should change your Windows settings so that they match the resolution of the monitor.
  2. It is a Lenovo L2261wa. The native resolution is 1920x1080. Max Resolution is 1920x1080. I've tried changing to several other resolutions and still get the same message.
  3. Are you sure your Windows resolution is set to 1920 x 1080 and not 1920 x 1200?
  4. I'm sure!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I'm kinda out of ideas...

    The notice about the screen resolution not being optimum - is it something being generated by the monitor or is it coming from Windows itself?

    How is the monitor connected to your computer - VGA, DVI, or.... ?
  6. VGA. That's the only connection it has.
  7. wcooksey said:
    VGA. That's the only connection it has.

    A vga cable will carry that resolution no problem.
    The question is what device is outputting the signal.
    If it isn't HD capable it's not going to happen.
    Also the input has to be selected on the monitor in it's menu.
    For instance my monitor has 4 input selection.
  8. Does your monitor have a menu option to tell you the format of the signal it's receiving? If so, you could conclusively identify whether or not it's receiving the right signal.
  9. is the refresh rate set to the highest level!
  10. I finally found where to turn off notification about resolution. thanks everyone for trying.
  11. Could you share your findings here in case it helps someone else with the same problem?
  12. No doubt in action center would be my guess sminlal!
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