New Graphics card dont know what to choose for my birthday!

Hi i want to buy a new graphics card for my birthday but I dont know what one get. My pc is a Advent 3519.

3.4 GHZ H-T
1024MB RAM PC2700 <- I might upgrade to 2048MB

My current graphics card is a Geforce FX5700 256MB. The graphics cards compatible with my motherboard are:

Maybe the X800 GTO AGP 256MB or X1600 PRO AGP 512MB

I would be grateful if you could get back to me as fast as you could

Thank you so much

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  1. X800GTO FTW! It should be the best out of that group. The 512MB won't help the X1600Pro that much anyway...
  2. OK thanks i did buy a Club 3D Nvidia Geforce 6600 AGP 256MB for £68 off ebay but it wasn't compatible with my motherboard but you learn from your mistakes!
  3. Im with the X800GTO and also get another 1Gb to have a total of 2Gb of ramage for better gaming performance.
  4. 2 gb of memory is only helpfun in a very small number of games, do your research first before you go buy another gig of ram just to play half-life 2.....

    oblivion and BF2 are the only games that I know that actually can use the extra gig.
  5. If you go with a Sapphire AGP X800GTO you would likely be able to unlock 4 pixel pipelines in it for a total of 16, if you are intereseted in that kind of thing.

    I have one of the Sapphire cards unlocked and I am pretty pleased with it. It isn't the fastest card available but it didn't break the pocket book like they do.
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