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Well ... things had been going so well, something was bound to crop up, right?

I was installing my new SATA Seagate 7200.10 320gb drives in my ASUS A8N-SLI Premium board last night.
I'd already successfully managed to get Windows XP up and running on an old 80gb Maxtor IDE drive so I was lulled into a false sense of security.

The first drive I plugged in did not auto-detect in BIOS. It span up but a few seconds into POST it made a few audible "clicks". Didn't sound right.
I tried plugging it in to each of the 8 slots on the board (4 Nvidia and 4 SLI) and played with the BIOS to enable Raid on each of the Raid controllers.
So ... I tried the second drive - identical type to the first, just a little newer (judging by it's serial number).
ta-da! BIOS detected it straight away, on any slot I plugged it into (to test them).

So I proceeded to install XP and it starts out well (detecting my drive on the Nvidia Sata without the need of a floppy disk).
Then the formatting goes wrong.
I specified a 30gb partition and asked it to format it NTFS.
It stayed at 0% and started doing some quiet clicking noises.

I then plugged the old 80gb drive in again (with XP on it) and had the new drive plugged in as a secondary drive.
Tried partitioning and formatting within XP with the same effect.
It let me partition, but when it came to formatting it just starts clicking at me. :(

I have another SATA Seagate 160gb drive from my old system that I am going to try tonight. I'm praying that it works ... so I can rule out any issues with the SATA functionality on the Mobo.

So ... after all that long windedness. Do I have TWO "DOA" drives??
Or any reason to think it might be something more nefarious (hard drive/mobo incompatibility)?

I've never had hard drives make that noise on me before ... I'd appreciate anybody's experience on this.
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  1. Looks like it was the new drives that are hosed.
    I plugged the better (as in the BIOS detected it) of the two drives into an older machine of mine that has SATA. Worked fine until I tried to format the drive.
    RMA'ing them back to Newegg.

    I plugged my old 160gb 7200.6 Seagate into my new build and (other than the dreaded "UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME" BSOD which ended up screwing up my other partitions on the drive when I corrected it) it worked just fine.

    In regards to the boot volume error ... most of the sites I've read have that Microsoft corrected this in SP2. What the heck do you do if this happens during the FIRST boot after XP has installed (I haven't had a chance to put the service pack on yet!)?

    The fun part of this new build is starting to wear off (I really hope my replacement drives are okay) ... and I haven't even got anywhere near overclocking yet!!
  2. Your drive clicking means the read/write heads are hitting each other. Once the heads crash completely the drive fails to operate. Just a future FYI.

    Google for "splitstream Windows XP with SP2" and read the articles on how to avoid the problem. Basically on another machine download the full SP2 installer and burn it on a CD with XP. When XP installs now it will be SP2 outta the gate.
  3. All hail the mighty Duck! ... thanks!
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