X2 4200+ or Opteron 170

I,m building a pc for my sister and i,m debating what CPU to get: a X2 4200+ or a Opteron 170. I,m not planning on overclocking the CPU. So my I,m wondering what would be the better CPU. And is the extra 40 bucks on the Opteron 170 worth it if you'r not planning on over clocking it.

X2 4200+ =$357
Opteron 170 =$397

What would you guys recommend?
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  1. I would pay the extra 40 for the extra L2 cache over the clock speed but I would probably overclock just a little to make up the difference. Ideally the 4400 is the best of both worlds. clock speed and cache. The 4200 would probably serve your sister just fine. I honestly doubt she would ever notice any difference at all between the two processors.
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