Window 7 Black screen during finishing install.

Ok, heres the deal, I have been trying to install windows 7 on this pc for awhile now, I cannot figure this problem out nomatter how hard I try.

The installation goes fine up until 'finishing installation' when which the screen just goes black and never does anything, ever overnight.

After restarting it will goto the logo screen and then just load onto a black screen, again never doing anything further.

Finally, when attempting to access safe mode, it loads up to classpnp.sys and then freezes.

Now, I have tried many many things to fix this and done lots of Googling but nothing has worked, other versions of Windows install and work fine.

Things tried...

1. swapping video cards
2. Switched monitors (I have read there can be an issue relating to this with needing a VGA plugged in however my card does not offer VGA, nor do I have onboard video.
3. Multiple installs of diff win 7 versions
4. Bios tinkering and restoring defaults.
5. many other things...

If someone could somehow help figure this out, then well I would be really appreciative...
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  1. Use the MS upgrade adviser to check for compatability problems.
  2. Nah, that isn't anything to do with it, I have an identical setup running windows 7 fine.
  3. Start in Safe Mode - Open MSCONFIG - Boot 'tag' - tick 'BaseVideo' then try rebooting normally - If system boots to desktop then Win7 been trying to install the wrong video drivers -
  4. It freezes at classpnp.sys while trying to go into safe mode...
  5. The install never even technically finishes, so repair wont fix windows to boot. I did however take an image of my install off my desktop which is identical hardware wise to the other, and imaged it to there.

    After several hours it finished and appeared to work and booted into Windows, when I went to restart however, it is just blue screening after the logo screen again.
  6. I don't want to hijack your thread but I thought I'd mention I'm having exactly the same issues:
  7. This may or may not help but did work for a buddy of mine who had the same problem. Remove your RAM down to 2gigs. Then after the install is complete replace your memory.
  8. I tried that also awhile back.. ;/

    So now the problem is... I imaged the drive over and it booted up fine once.. Now it just black screens after the logo screen again. And running install disc to try and repair always comes back with nothing... this is really irritating and confusing at this point.
  9. Then the only thing is it's a hardware issue. Either your RAM, CPU or Motherboard is damaged... Damaged ram at least gives you a blue screen. Damaged CPUs and Motherboards can cause those kinds of blackouts.

    Hmm... I assume your PSU is greater than 500Watts? Use a power supply calculator to make sure you have enough power because that can cause blackouts as well.
  10. 750w fine on the power... also other versions of Windows install fine so it definitely isn't damaged hardware.
  11. Still nothing...
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