My computer\'s screen is split and I don\'t know how to fix it.

The screen is split so that I have one larger screen with no right side and then next to that I have a smaller left side on the left side. It keeps coming and going... This is driving me nuts. I have an Alienware m11x; brand FREAKING new, just set it up today. Could somebody please help me?
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  1. I think there may be nothing wrong with the computer, but you have not learned to operate it yet?
  2. Why don't you call Alienware? You've spent a fortune on a substandard machine anyway, so you might as well make use of the support line.
  3. Post a picture of the screen....

    But, here's my guess... the monitor your using is not new. Either you have the resolution set above it's "default resolution" or horizontal refresh/scan rate (60hz on an LCD monitor). OR, above the resolution or scan rate it can support, if it's an old CRT monitor.

    In Win7 : right click on desktop, open screen resolution, advanced settings, monitor, and set "Screen Refresh Rate" to 60hz

    Alien support should also be able to diagnose too....
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