FS/FT Sony PSP, Movies, and Games Bundle

First off, good condition, not great but good, there is a little bit uf un noticeable wear in the center of the screen, and a scratch on the bottom right, about 1/2" Long, only noticible while reflecting light off the screen for both of these minor problems, neither are noticeable while playing. So I am including the following,

PSP w/ Battery Charger & Carrying Case
Chronicles of Riddick UMD
Harold And Kumar Go to White Castle UMD
Twisted metal black-game
AC Car Charger
USB Cable
PSP Stand (Power Headphones USB)

And what I want in exchange for this is a good P965 Motherboard+Cash, or a good PCI-e Video Card (Preferred), or good ol' money. You make an offer. And an ECS P965T-a is NOT good lol because it is what I have, and allows only 333 FSB.

Im working on my heat right now, the person who bought my 512M of DDR got it and is happy, but I dont know how to send people my heatacct. or whatever. Paypal only, non-CC Preferred but dosnt matter.

Leave a link if you bump and I will return favor, thanks.
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  1. Will also take a Hard Drive+Cash or video card, as mine is clicking and its about to go out
  2. How about a 160gb hdd, and a 80gb hard drive (IDE ata 100/133). Both are in perfect condition as I have tested them both for errors (smart and otherwise). And a maxtor 1touch 250gb portable drive also in perfect condition.
  3. No, i got a 7600GT.
  4. You mean you traded it for a 7600gt.

    Thread closed.
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