Windows 7 or Windows XP.

My computer:
-8GB DDR3 1333 RAM Crucial
-MSI 870A-G54 Motherboard.
-Seagate 7200RPM 32MB cache, 1TB HDD
-AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition 3.2GHZ per core 6MB L3 Cache, and 2000MHZ FSB
-XFS Radeon HD 5670 Video card, 1GB DDR5

Now i just need a OS. Since i am using Windows XP pro SP3 32 bit, Vista Ultimate 32 and 64 bit, Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit; I think Windows XP and Windows 7 are the best out there. I just need to know which one should i install. I can't choose between Windows XP or Windows 7.
What are the pros and cons for installing windows XP? What are the pros and cons for installing Windows 7?

Currently, i am using Windows 7 64bit Ultimate for my personal and gaming use and Windows XP PRO SP3 32bit for work. I used to game with Windows XP, but not anymore.
Both of the seem to be doing fine. Is it true that Windows XP use less RAM than Windows vista and 7; and Windows 7 uses less RAM than Windows Vista? Also which OS is better to game with..
The custom built computer i built will be used for gaming, personal use, and work use.. I need to all those things with ONE os and ONE computer. So please don't tell me to dual boot.

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  1. Windows 7 professional or ultimate does have a very good version of virtual windows XP that can be run on it and can be used for legacy USB devices that do not have Windows 7 drivers and provides compatibility for programs that do not run under Windows 7. That being said for day to day use I still prefer Windows XP although for a user that has not been brought up on Windows XP Windows 7 would be the preferred choice..
  2. Windows 7. Microsoft is getting very aggressive with it keeping it's technology up to date. Win XP is a thorn in it's side they've been trying to pull out since Win Vista. Even Internet explorer 10 won't be available to windows vista users. I'm sure future versions of Direct X will not be XP compatible either.

    As cheap as 8GB of ram are nowadays you the memory shouldn't be a big issue.
  3. With 8GB of RAM you'll need a 64-bit operating system. 64-bit driver support for Windows XP was never all that great, Windows 7 is a lot better. I really can't see any compelling reason to choose Windows XP...
  4. Since i started using Win7 64 Pro in 2009 i see no compelling reasons to use XP anymore.
    Plus a 64bit system accesses ram faster then a 32bit system.
    If that's using more ram so be it lol!
  5. The main con of Windows 7 for me is that a lot of data in your operating system folder (Application Data, Local Settings folders) can't be accessed even by the Administrator user unless you spend some time tweaking the settings. Otherwise, on the build you have Windows 7 64bit will be better than XP 32bit in every aspect.

    And yes, from my own experience it is true: XP uses the least resources, the next is 7, and then Vista, which is just plain resource-sucker :)

    So, unless you have some very important reason to stick with XP, like some programs' compatibility - go for 7. It will be better for games, since more and more new games are starting ti use DirectX 11, and the best you can get on XP is 9.0c. The difference between XP and 7 on your hardware will be, as they say in math, approaching zero =)
  6. Since all the programs i use support and is compatible with Windows 7, i guess i am going to stick with Windows 7 64-bit. Still, why does Windows 7 use up more RAM than Windows XP. Is it because of the Aero theme and is there a way so it can use less?
  7. most xp installs are 32 bit there only see 3.75 gigs of ram!64 bit can see much more!
  8. QQCCA3 said:
    Still, why does Windows 7 use up more RAM than Windows XP. Is it because of the Aero theme and is there a way so it can use less?
    Windows 7 is pretty decent about RAM usage, IMHO. I've run it on a 768MB system and, while it was no speed demon due to the ancient 1.5GHz CPU, it was perfectly serviceable.

    Windows 7 often looks like its using up a lot of space because of things like disk caching and Superfetch. But it will relinquish that space when an application requests it. I think you'll find that with 8GB you've got nothing to worry about, unless you're doing something very heavy like movie editing. In that case, given the cheap price of memory these days, you're probably better off just doing a memory upgrade.
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