Would be OC'er - Not 805 D. AMD 64 3200 (Winchester)

Hi all and thanks for reading.

I am looking for a little advice on Over Clocking a AMD Athlon 64 3200+ (Winchester) Socket 939 on Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe MB. I have a Zalman 7700 cooler, Antec TruePower 2.0 TP-II 550 PSU (with low-end SLI and 2 drives), and 2x1 GB Corsair XMS DDR400 at 2-3-3-6.

My current idle temp is about 31c and max load is about 44c. (no overclocking.)

What is a reasonable goal for the clock speed and what is the best performance/risk ratio?


*yes I know its old and slow, but I want to wait until I see next generation production chips from Intel and AMD, AND direct X10 GPU's, before I buy new.

**And I have the Zalman for the effective silence.
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  1. Quote:
    What is a reasonable goal for the clock speed and what is the best performance/risk ratio?

    Luck of the draw.

    My Winchester 3000+ maxed at 9*261 (IIRC), 2.4GHz ish. Cheap DDR, it's not a particularly good stepping either. I don't see why it's a source of embarrassment, though, a 90nm Athlon is a 90nm Athlon, and it isn 't worth the obscene prices they want for dual cores at the moment.

    Heat isn't much of an issue at those speeds & voltages. Give Clockgen a go inside Windows, that'll show you a reasonable idea of the chip's limits. Then replicate your settings inside the BIOS, tweaking memory timings as you go.

    You can't fuck up your CPU using stock voltages. You can make things go wrong if you get greedy. So please don't.
  2. Its been a while I know, but I thought I would get more input....
    I have been tweaking my way up over the months and I am looking for opinoins;

    I can get my set up to 216x10 with fixed voltages, but it behaves in a slightly odd fashion; It wont boot the first time, after being turned on. If I enter the bios, do nothing, save and exit it will boot.
    Does this sound like a OC issue to any one?
    (or might it be my weakened PSU not spinning up my raid 0 soon enough? Its hard for me to tell.)

    The highest I have managed with a smooth boot seems to be 212x10, but then again I havent studied that like the 216 so who knows.
  3. i think ur problem lies with the ht.. try lower ur ht to 4x or 3x and see how goes.. if nothing happens.. contiune to increase ur fsb..also lock or lower ur memory,pci and pci-e bus speed at default coz when u are increasing ur fsb.. u are increasing them also... i suppose ur mobo have memory divider option..
    p.s. dun forget to increase ur cpu voltage when u overclock.. increase slightly at 1 time until u really sure ur pc is stable.. test it with prime95..
  4. Okay here are my latest results....

    222x10, HT x3 = 2220MHz. Boots and 3dmark '05 = 6534
    210x10, HT x4 = 2100MHz. Boots and 3dmark '05 = 6472
    200x10, HT x4 = 2000MHz (default). 3dmark '05 = 6451

    Neither of these would post....
    225x10, HT x3.
    275x8, HT x3.
    I sure would think the 275x8 would post.

    All setups are with standard voltages.

    Any one have any suggestions?
    Do I need to start tweaking my voltage to move higher? Something I am not keen on doing. Or does a 0.005 increase in CPU voltage open up a new layer of OC'ing?

    (Sorry about being such a nob about this.)
  5. clicky here check this guide. its pretty useful
  6. Thanks for that link, its very helpful.

    Now I wondering if anyone out there can tell me the max "safe" voltage for the CPU? Not that I am going to run it right up there, its just that even with everything else set low the CPU Doesnt like anything beyond 215x10 at 1.375 volts.

    Thanks again.
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