How to power external radiator fans????????

I am starting to put together my water cooling setup on my computer. I have a Black Ice II radiator and it does not fit in my case. I am going to mount the radiator to the outside of my case. What is the best way to power the fans for the radiator? Run power from inside the case or get AC fans? Or is their another way of doing it? Any advice would be helpful.

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  1. It's better to run the power from inside the case. Having an independent power source for the water cooling or radiators is good since it doesn't draw power from the pc's psu. But if you forget to turn it on then you could be in a big trouble as overheating can be the result.

    So my advice ran them molex fan connectors to the pc's psu.
  2. I've got two Black Ice Extreme Dual 120 rads and both are mounted externally. Each rad has (4) 120 fans in a "push-pull" configuration. Various sites sell power adapters that have 4 and/or 3 pin power plugs that point externally - powered by one 4 pin power plug that connects internally. I did a wee bit of modding with all the wiring from the fans (I used cable sleeving and shrink rap to organize the wires). I plugged them all into two of the external 4 pin power connectors from that external slot power adapter. (I modded all the wiring by joining all the fan wiring into one common set of wires)
  3. those rads are pretty bad -_-... people stopped using condenser style radiators years ago -_-
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