I have a GA-K8N PRO SLI that has been working great for months. Powered it up today and NO SIGNAL to monitor. The lights on the mouse don't come on either. The fans are running fine on the processor and the video card. One big problem beeps when booting up. I know the speaker is working because I tested it on another PC. I have read here and there that no beeps could be the motherboard or the power supply. I have never experienced this problem before with anything.

Please Help
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  1. Ok, after further research, with no ram and no video card installed, I am getting one long beep after another. When I install the ram in any configuration, I get one long beep and thats it. When I put the video card back in, I am back to no beeps at all
  2. Does your monitor have different screen modes? Mine has a switch for HD15 output and BNC output. With HD15 my monitor works but when i switch to BNC it just goes black.
  3. I tried both the DVI cable and the VGA cable. I also checked the buttons on the monitor.
  4. A friend of mine's computer had a problem with exactly the same symptoms (ASUS MB), when I went over to check it out I took a spare monitor (hers had recently been repaired) another video card and power suppply, tried swapping it all progressively with no change - no post and no beeps - removed ram and received correct beep sequence for missing ram, reinstalled ram tried various slots again no post or beeps. As a last resort before looking at a possible faulty MB went home and removed a stick of ram from my spare computer, removed hers and installed mine, system powered up immediately.

    It appears sometimes in the newer computers the bios still detects ram if it is faulty but will fail to post, so try various sticks of ram if you have more than one or a known good one from another system. Her faulty ram was replaced under warranty and her system has run perfectly since.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I did try putting some ram sticks in the computer that I know are working good. It didn't do any different. I even tried just one of them alone in the correct slot and still nothing. At this point, I am sure it is not the monitor or the monitor cables. I am also sure it is not the ram. I guess the biggest clue that I have is that when the video card is installed, I get no beeps of any kind from the motherboard. When I take it out, I do get some sort of beeps. Right now, I am leaning toward the video card.
  6. I think I finally solved the problem. I was fortunate to find someone with another PCI-E video card to try. It worked perfectly with another card.
    I will be sending this thing back.
    Thanks for the help from everyone.
  7. I have exactly the same problem with the same motherboard. I bought a cheap PCI (not PCI express) video card and I put it in, still no beeps and nothing shows up on the screen. When I put my PCI-Express video card in, it gives me a video card error beep code.
  8. I think I just found the solution, I hope it helps anyone who is trying to put a PCI Video card in a PCI Express motherboard..... Here is a quote from another forum:

    "Well I removed all video from the MoBo and got a series of beeps that indicated a video error, so at that point I figured the memory, cpu, and mobo were all fine. I went to Best Buy to get a PCIe card (for now, I'll return it when I get my newegg one), and it worked perfectly. Then when I was browsing the BIOS I saw the 'initial display' setting was on PCIe, and not PCI, which is why my video wasn't working. Why they wouldn't develop a BIOS to autodetect that the slot is empty and try PCI instead is beyond me, but the good news is that all my hardware works. The weird thing is that the BIOS had to kind of recognize the PCI card because otherwise it would have given error beeps... so it must have known the PCI was plugged in, but it wasn't sending any data to it because of some setting. Dumb as hell but other than that the system is up and running, installing Linux as we speak.

    Thanks for all the advice!
    I was just reading your earlier bit. Of course it wouldn't go without a PCI-E card!
    They don't have that because they don't expect someone who bought a PCI-E board - not an integrated VGA board - to stick an ancient PCI card in it! I even expected you to have a real card in it!
    Also the screws in the MB - thats fine, but if they provide those orange washers I always use them as well."
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