7800GTX or 7900GT?

Hello everyone! I am planning to buy a new computer and the only thing I am not sure is which card I will choose. I hesitate between an NX7 7800GTX 256MB or a 7900GT 256MB. What would be the best choice? I certainly can't afford a 7900GTX 512MB lol.

I hope you can help me, have a nice day!
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  1. 7900GT is better than a 7800GTX, and probably cheaper also. You may want to consider X1800XT, as it is easily an equal card to the 7900GT and (in the USA at least) currently alot cheaper.
  2. 7900GT is the MUCH better buy.
    costs less
    runs cooler
    preforms slighty better
    OC like a (well you know)
  3. like they said before me get the 7900 gt it is faster and runs cooler
  4. It all depends where you buy your video card. I bought a Chaintech 7900 GTX for 400.00 off of ebay. The card is awsome!!!!!!! Look around you can find the deals!!!!!
  5. Ok so the 7900GT is better thanks for the answers! However, you guys brought up another question lol. Which one is better 1800XT or 7900GT? I heard bad stories about 7900GT OC but I never OC'ed a video card before.

    Which brings me to my second question! Is it worth it to OC a video card?

    Thanks in advance for the help I just feel lost when it comes to computer hardware...
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