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free copy of "Birds Eye View" textures ...

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August 21, 2005 3:39:57 PM

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.... actually three free copies!

we are having a contest - not many participating, so winning chances
are high ... check out:

if you like the textures.

"This is an extremely primitive and paranoid culture."
(James T. Kirk on 20th century America, Star Trek IV)

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August 23, 2005 7:42:04 PM

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.... there came a great "Dallas" <Cybnorm@spam_me_not.Hotmail.Com>
flying, and he bore tidings beyond hope, crying:

>"Cole Turner"
>I followed your link... it does not explain the objectives to win, it just
>tells you how to upload your flight and screenshot.

weird - I clicked on that link and got this (see below)

it's all there, methinks!

best three flights win :)  (only two participants now, so ...)

regs, "Cole"


If you create a flight for us, making sure it has:

1. A default aircraft
2. It's located anywhere in the USA or Canada
3. Your choice of FS9 weather THEME (not ASV or FE2004)
4. Save while you are in SLEW mode

and please also post YOUR screenshot of that flight in slew mode.

Then the beta crew will load your flight into our BEV beta setups and
post comparison shots back here on the forum.

How's that sound for a deal?

To make this sweeter - We'll offer up a prize for the best *three*
flights submitted with the most stunning scenery. Entries close
September 15th - prize will be a free copy of BEV volume 1, USA-Canada
(Limit one entry per registered user). Entries will be judged by Frank
Bergson, author of Nu Roads 2.1


1. Entries close 5pm September 15th, 2005 PST.
2. You must be a registered BEV forum member with a minimum of 5 posts
to be eligible to enter
3. Your entry must consist of an uploaded screenshot no larger than
1280x1024 (limited to 250KB in size) of your chosen location.
4. Please show the SHIFT-Z co-ordinates from Slew Mode in the shot.
This is to help us resolve location duplication conflicts.
5. Your entry must also include a saved FS9 or FS9.1 flight file (both
the .WX and .FLT files) using a default FS9 aircraft
6. If your entry is the exact same location as a previous entry,
you'll be asked to resubmit. First in best dressed for locations.
7. Limit of one entry per forum user, limit of 3 prizes awarded in
8. BirdsEyeView Inc. reserves the right to use your submitted flight
and resulting BEV image in any publicity, product inclusion or

NOTE: Please be aware that our desert textures (other than the Grand
Canyon) are still not ready, so posting flights in Tuscon, AZ etc.
won't look much different from default FS9. Choose city, residential,
wilderness, mountains, etc for now

a. In your reply to this post, explain where you flight is
b. Click on the "Additional Options" link under the text entry window
c. In the "Attach" dialog, browse to your jpg image file (max size
250K), then attach it
d. Click on "(more attachments)"
e. Browse to your saved .WX and .FLT files (you can zip them into one
file if you wish)
f. Attach the flight file(s)
g. Save your post.

You should then see a thumbnail of your screenshot, plus one or two
attachments for the flight.
"This is an extremely primitive and paranoid culture."
(James T. Kirk on 20th century America, Star Trek IV)