Which DDR memory for PD 940

OK i'm getting a new MOBO and CPU:

Asus P5P800 SE (beacuse of AGP slot) and PD 940 (3.2 x 2)

At the moment i have 2x 512mb Kingston Hyperx PC3200 DDR memory with timings of 2 3 2 6.

Obviously i'll be looking at upgrading to PCIE in a year or so when i get a new GC and that'll be DDR2 , so idont want to be upgrading memory if i don't need to.

Will the Hperx be good enough or will i be better getting some new memory as well with the PD chip ?
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  1. bad idea, the board ur getting is AGP so when you migrate to PCI E, you will need a new board. There are boards that support DDR for system memory that supports PCI-E so if you do get the Asus board, you can potentially keep your old ram.
  2. But that's the whole point of getting the P5P800 SE as i have a fairly new AGP GC. The boards cheap, so don't mind replacing it when i get a new GC.

    Just want to know if the memory i already have will be sufficient for the PD.
  3. if thats the case, go for it, there are PCI-Express boards that support DDR ram.
  4. Im not to sure that board supports the presler 65nm cpu
    thats been my experience with some asus boards.
    a bios update will in most cases help support the newer dual core but check the suport forums at asus to make sure.
  5. You wont be able to use that ram with the processor you're using. All Pentiums use DDR2 RAM, so your DDR won't work in it. You'll need to get some good ddr2 ram otherwise nothing will work.
  6. The ASUS P5P800 SE, supports PD's, but the board is DDR. There's no way i can put DDR2 into that board, i can't see a DDR MOBO supporting PD , if DDR couldn't work with PD.
  7. OK.... redmanc and bigsby.... are you both dumb?

    The P5P800SE, a PD 940 and that HyperX ram will work just fine... (you will need to update the BIOS on that P5P800SE first to the latest version)

    "You wont be able to use that ram with the processor you're using. All Pentiums use DDR2 RAM, so your DDR won't work in it. You'll need to get some good ddr2 ram otherwise nothing will work."

    bigsby... This couldn't be more wrong... every type of pentium will work with ddr1 ram so long as the board it's being installed in supports ddr... the P5P800SE uses ddr slots. My dad has a PD 930 with 2GB of ddr400 and it works just fine.

    redmanc is right in that you can't put ddr2 ram into ddr1 slots. However certain boards that use ddr (like the P5P800SE) will work with any Pentium D 900 chip (although it will need a BIOS update first).
  8. asus site is dowm but I recall that board only supports 65nm single core
    and some D8xx cores.
    not the 9XX cores.
    unless Im missing something
    mabie my glasses are out of wack
  9. nope... as i said... my dad is using a PD 930 on the P5P800SE as I am typing this. All that was needed before it would work is a BIOS flash to the latest version...
  10. incredible
    I couldnt chance that myself
    found the link


    mabie Ill try it
    would make a nice gift
  11. if you're refering to the BIOS flashing.... it's not hard. The manual for the board should tell you how to do it. So long as you follow it, you shouldn't have any problems.
  12. I was refering to the 65nm dual core support.
    flashing the bios is a breeze.
    the 05A platform support listing is curious.
    the D920 is 65 nm dual core
    and on the asus site it states 65nm single core support
    Im not saying I dont believe you.
    Im just amazed.

    I have to see for myself.
    going to order that for a gift.
    I can always stuff a celey in it
  13. The phrophecy not sure why ur calling me dumb ?

    I know what the P5P800 SE can run CPU wise and i know it has DDR. My question was would PC3200 DDR400 be good enough or would it be better to upgarde to a faster speed.

    It does seem i can save my money and keep the Hyperx.
  14. wow.... this is actually quite funny.... it seems like you guys still don't believe me....

    so i've taken screenshots of the Asus CPU support page with the P5P800SE board selected:



    and if you still don't believe me... take a closer look at http://www.asus.com/products.aspx?l1=3&l2=11&l3=26&model=629&modelmenu=1 again.

    Now... to your last question redmanc.... going to a faster type of ddr like 433 or 466 would only be a good idea if you are planning to overclock, otherwise it's not worth the extra money.
  15. 8O

    seeing is believing
    came a long way from the first time I saw this board.

    I guess there is the original question at hand .
    the kingston ram should be fine.
    and another 512 X 2 should be in line to boost overall gaming if thats tyour intent.
    I know there is faster ram but 1 gig more will have better results if you have the psu to push it.
  16. ya kwalker is right on that one... the kingston ram will be fine, and an extra 1gb will really help too, but if there's no overclocking involved... don't bother with the faster rated parts....
  17. you could have at least picked better boards and chipsets.... the only board even remotely good in terms of brand name is that Asus board, but i lost respect for it after seeing the VIA chipset. The OP said he wanted to stick with his AGP card anyway...
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