wierd video issue with games, im stumped , what do you think

okay. first thing first. I recently purchased a video card from ebay. IT is a nvidia 6800 gt. I got it from a buyer from ebay, he clamed to only have the card for 3 months, non overclocked and it hasnt even been register at Nvidia yet. Im going to try to register it myself to make sure, anyway heres the problem.
After recieveing the card and installing into my computer , i ran one of my games to see the increase in fps but when i started the game and while playing i started to get bad artifacts and the games fps would go down to barely moving. My screen would look like a colidal scope and would get these random freeze, with sound looping over and over till it unfreezes , and major artifacts were i couldnt see anything in the game . Didnt matter what game i was playing, but i would get diff degreeses of artifacts and problems with diff games, but same problem though. So first thing first , i made sure it wasnt a driver issue or something considering i just has a ATI card in the computer, so i erazed my hardrive and reformated it because anyway it was well over due for one,
After reformating everything i installed card again and newest nvidia driver and same problem. I even tried diff drivers and same problem. i checked my temps on my card and they barely get over 80 degrees(they would spike ever so often to 83 maybe) on full load and i would also sometimes get a beep from my computer like something was wrong. NOw heres where it get wierder. Now when i play the game for there first time, no matter what game it does this, but after trying to play the game a bit and watching all the artifaacts i close down the game, then wait a bit and i start up the game again, or any game and the problem stops. I may get a tiny bit of artifacting at the beging, if any, but then it stop and i never see the problem again as long as i dont turn the computer off, from then on it never does it again no matter what game i play, or how long i wait to play another.
NOw when i turn off the computer or restart it and try to run a game again it does the same thing again. Soon as i close the game, and wait a bit and start another game after it , it stops and runs smoothly, no artifacts, Fps drops or anything. I dont get any artifacts or and problems outside of game, like in the internet or watching a movie on the computer , just in the games. Ive checked my cpu temps and it seems like they are fine, but i wouldnt see cpu temps as being a issue to cause this. Nothing is overclocked in my computer, and i have plenty air flow to keep system running cool. IM not sure what could be the problem and need to know what you guys think. I guess if it prersist at least i can send it into nvidia and get it fixed. So, what do you guys think about it.
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  1. Wow, long post (for future reference, try to break up post into sections for more clarity) .... uhm.... did you say your card was getting to 80-83C???? Those are really hot temperatures. I'd first try get better cooling. Please provide the specs for your system (esp the case, fans, any other cooling, etc.) Although I don't know what to say about the artifacts dissappearing after closing out of the game, high temps often cause problems.
  2. lol, forgot my computer specs. OKay here they are:

    athlon 64 3400
    gigabyte ga-k8ns socket 754 nforce 250
    1 gig corsair ram
    standered hardrive
    theremaltake 480 watt power supply(one of best raiting on newegg)

    the only thing i havnt tried is installing on another computer to see if the problem still occurs. I called BFG , manufacture of my 6800 gt, agp card and they gave me a vew things to try. now 82 degrees was pretty much the spike , mostly it stays no hotter then upper 70. IM going to try a few things to see if it will help. It just very wierd that the problem dosnt always occur. I would think if its a failing video card then it wouldnt get better after i restart a game, and that it would get worse the more i used it. Well, what do you think.
  3. 80C is at full load? At full load that is quite common, so I don't think it's the temps. 6800GTs run pretty warm and use lots of power, so those temps are normal. Your power supply is also fine, and can handle your system fine. Is the card overclocked?
  4. I've seen a number of posts of this same type of problem on the Forumz. IT always seems to be nVidia related cards that have artifacts in games and when you quit the game, they are gone. I contacted BFG about my gfx card (GF 7900 GTX OC 512) getting artifacts. 1st I emailed them, they said I have a bad card out of the box. Then I called them up for a warrnty RMA but they told me that the card has issues with ASUS mobos. I contacted ASUS and they told me my card was bad. So, I'm gonna say mine is bad out of the box. I have yet to call BFG Tech back and get the RMA in and my card has gotten slightly worse since I first called them.

    Maybe the reason why the dude sold you the card is b/c he knew the card was bad and didn't bother doing anything about.
  5. i had a 6800gt and they do run at about 80c on full load. you can try reseating the heatsink with as5 to lower the temps which might help, but the card may just be busted. the bloke who sold it to you may have run into problems with the card and just sold it rather than rma the thing.
    the first 6800gt i had also suffered from artifacting and crashes, and i remember hearing of a few people having problems at the time.
  6. I had the same problem with a few of the older cards 6200 6600 and 6800
    try adjusting performance and quality setting to high quality.
    84.21 fixed the 6800 I had and that crazy new beta fixed the asus 6200 I put together for a work station.
    usually I wouldnt suggest a beta for this type of problem on video cards.
    you may have a power issue .
    and 80 deg C .
    Thats way hot.
  7. no card isnt overclocked. Im just giving the ebay bidder from ebay the benefit of the doubt that he was telling the truth. I installed like 4 diff drivers to see if it happens to be the drivers but no dice. I installed 2 of the newest gxtreme something drivers and the newest nvidia driver. Had problem with them all(note i made sure all old drivers were completely erazed. the temps are the same even when i first start it out, when the problems accur and even after it stops. I called BFG and they said as long as i have the profe of purchase from the box i can RMA it. when ive come to all possible solution and none works out ill rma. Then as long as i didnt mess it up, or the person who sold it wasnt lieing i would think that they would fix it , if its broken.

    ILl try to get it into a friend of mines computer to see if it works in his this weekend. I love the card, i replaced my x800 gt(8 pixel pipeline) for this card for the pixel shader 3.0 and better fps. And before you say thats a waist of change, i only had to fork out 50 dollars more to buy the card after selling the old card, and some other stuff on ebay for it. I can tell a diff in the way things looks with the pixel shader 3.0. its the overclock agp card to, which runs at 370mghz core clock.

    Would do you think would make it work after restarting a game. Its like its trying to get used to my system or something, lol. Whish there was a video card program you could download to see if the card is possibly messed up in some area. Well, what should be my next step?
  8. if you are able to rma the card
    thats your best option
    3dmark2005 may finish the card off if its failing .but will report errors to some dergee.
  9. My old 6800GT AGP use to hit 86C under load before I got a better heatsink.
  10. same here
    temps dropped to 49 C
  11. I've got a similar issue with a BFG 6800 Ultra OC. Graphical artifacts in games, lockups, etc. I get a message saying that my card doesn't have enough power, but I've got a PC P&C 480 watt with 34a on the 12v line. I've RMA'd the card once already, but it didn't fix the problem.
  12. you may just have a power issue
    what else do you have on that rail ?
    are your reported voltages dropping
    when I cooled that card down it ran fine .
    cleaned old drivers and installed from the nvidia web site.
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