Asus P5LD2 can't install Windows XP

Hi there. Thanks in advance for help/suggestions/replies/etc.

I just built a system on the P5LD2 and can't seem to get it to allow me to install Windows XP. I have tried to do as much research as possible, and saw many posts that said not to put the CD-ROM on the red EIDE controller, but instead on the blue IDE on the side of the board. This is where my problem seems to be unique...

1) If I connect my HDD and CD to the blue IDE, they don't show up during the IDE scan, but they do show up in the BIOS.

2) If I connect my HDD and CD to the RED EIDE slot, they show up during the IDE scan, but NOT in the BIOS.

3) In either case, when I exit the BIOS all I get is a blinking cursor at the upper left of an otherwise blank screen. (conjures vague memories of CLS in DOS)

Please help, if you can. My complete system is:
Asus P5LD2 Deluxe (BIOS 0415)
Pentium D820 2.8Ghz (dual core)
2x512 MB G.Skill PC-4200 RAM
Maxtor DiamondMax 10 160GB ATA-133 EIDE, 7200rpm
Plextor PX-750A DVD/CD
XFX/GF 7300GS 256MB VGA card
Windows XP installation disc
Aspire x-cruiser case w/ 420w psu
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  1. Just had the same problem with a rig i built for my mate, took 3 days to sort out.

    Got the blue 0x00000007b error.

    This i what i did.

    Only use the Blue ribbon and blue IDE socket. Set HDD to master and put grey socket into that. Set Optical drive as slave and put the black socket into that. Then set BIOS to boot from Optical.

    Do not use any other of the IDE cables. Windows should now install.

    After installing, load the 8211F drivers off the CD which came with MOBO.

    Then you can use the other IDE ports.
    THe blue IDE is recognised by the BIOS, and i put my HDD'S on there and the red IDE 1 i used for 2 Opticals. which is recognised on the 2nd load up screen. Everything now works fine.

    Good luck !!
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