Homeworld 2, dead but still fun..if it worked!!

I know most of you probably hate this game, but i still enjoy it, Home World 2. But for some reason it runs uber framy now on my video card, even since the 7x.xx series came out, and i can't go back to 6x.xx because of BF2 and other newer games like fear. I've tryed the patch(1.1) and it didn't help, does anyone know of any settings i can make specific to that game that are causing this? I've already tryed all graphics on low, medium and high and combinations, none helped. My system is way beyond what the game needs to run(A643200@2.4@1:1, 2gb OCZ PC4000, BFG6800GTOC, 120gbhd, DFI lanparty UT NF3 Ultra mobo, audigy 2 zs).

Asus A8V Deluxe(rev. 2.00) / A64 3200 (winchester) / 1024mb OCZ DDR500 (2.5-3-3-8) / BFG 6800GT@stock / Baracuda 120GB / Lian-Li PC-65 / Syncmaster 700NF / OCZ Power Stream 520
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  1. Homeworld, Homeworld: Catacylsm and Homeworld 2 rock.

    I bought them all.

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  2. Check on a forum dedicated to HW2 would be a good start. I keep saying it's fine to post in a general games section on a forum but chances are if you go to a dedicated forum 99% of the time someone is having/has had the same problem.

    But if it's a driver thing I think you may have to bite the bullet and revert to old drivers to play HW2.

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