P4M800Pro-M & DDR2 RAM Problem

I'm having problems with my Socket T ECS mobo and the DDR2 Ram I just purchased for it. The mobo claims to be compatible with DDR2 533 but upon startup it recognizes my RAM at half its capacity. It fails to boot because when the DDR2 is in the mobo doesn't find my harddrive. After a few restarts my BIOS detects "128 mb OK" but freezes on the front screen. A few restarts later and the screen is black.

This is a cheap mobo that came as part of a combo deal. I've read reviews from NewEgg that says it has issues with DDR2 until you upgrade the BIOS. The ECS site claims the new BIOS has a "Patch code to fix Realtek clock buffer sometimes couldn't detect DDR2". I upgraded but I'm having the same problems.

Is it my OEM Ram, cheap mobo, or a little bit of both? Thanks for any help.

Intel P4 506
ECS P4M800Pro-M 1.0A
A-DATA V-Series 1GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 533
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  1. I'd try the other slot and also a different brand/stick of ram.
    I'd also try the VIA Arena forums.

    I just picked one of these up today.

    Fry's just put this mobo on sale with a Pentium-D 930 (retail box) for $159.
    Current pricewatch for the 930 is $180, so even if you decide not to use the mobo, it's a way to get a 930 for a few bucks less.

    The ECS Boards Fry's bundles with are typically notorius for not being all that great, but right now I'm not finding much on the net about this board.

    Even the other variants of the VIA P4M800Pro chipset boards is a bit sparse.

    For grins and torture I'll probably try this board out later this weekend.
  2. Did you or anyone else go forward with their P4M800PRO-M with the D930 (or D950)? I've had a persistent problem with random applications slowing to a crawl. I eventually traced the problem down to a memory problem. When I have two 1GB DDR400 modules installed the problem occurs. If I have only one 1GB DDR400 or one 1GB and one 512MB installed it does not. I can predict the problem by running memtest86. (This eliminates any XP or application factors). Memtest86 demonstrates the problem by pausing for significant time (seconds) on certain parts of certain tests. ECS suggested I flash my BIOS to the new 8/16/2006 version which I did to no avail. I check a friend's machine with the same hardware (different brand of memory) and saw the same problem via memtest86. ECS tech support keeps asking for information I've already given them and seems inclined to ignore the problem. I'd like to know if others are seeing this. It took me quite a while to narrow it down to memory and other's might be wondering what's happening. You can see the problem with XP's task manage because the process that slows down goes to 100% of one of the D930 (or D950) cores.
  3. I am having the some of the same problems. I have a P4M800PRO-M V2.0 which I got from Frys after the V1.? did not work. I have tried 4 different sets of RAM and different brands and all give me random restarts. I have Kingston 2GB PC@-4200 KVR533D2K2/2GR in it now and still get random reboots. I have tried two different CPU's both same type Intel D950 3.4GHz I tried two different hard drives and did fresh windows installs, went to via site and did download of drivers, did a flash of bios from ECS site changed graphics card to see if that is the case and drivers nothing is working. I have not gotten a reply from the ECS support (Nothing) I was told by Frys they were having problems with their own boxes that use the ECS mobo. I need a mobo that gas a agp card and will run. If I put DDR not DDR2 on the board I do not get the reboots or maybe they are spaced out so I have not had a reboot yet. The system of course runs slow with the DDR and I want the DDR2 to work. Hope this helps someone else.
  4. same exact issue here.. I say these boards are faulty and ecs knows it.. they played dumb when I called and said they would look into it.. I assume others have called and they know and don't want to spend the money giving free boards to all the people with these buggy pieces of ....

    I have tried 2 different types of ddr2 memory and nothing works in the board.. under heavy load it always reboots.. I get a heavy load by running a virus and spyware scanner at the same time...

    ddr memory works fine in the box and it is stable..

    b4 I figured out it was memory I bought a new power supply and a different cpu fan..

    I am running this board with a pentium d 915 dual core cpu

  5. I just bought this board with the E6300 Core 2 Duo CPU in order to extend the life of my AMD AthlonXP 2700+.

    Installation went fine, with a slight issue getting the CPU fan on.

    However, my 1x1GB + 1x512MB of DDR RAM had some problems. Initially, Vista RTM was only reading 512MB of RAM. After mucking around with the sticks (and resetting the CMOS), I finally got the board to recognize the 1GB stick of DDR400.

    I got the expected perf gain out of the CPU, but my memory perf score went down. I suspect that it's a net perf gain, but it's a bummer I can't use both sticks. At this point, I'm leaving well enough alone.
  6. Having problems with v2.0 board, e6300 and Kingston 1GB(2x512) DDR2. Suspect memory incompatibility with DDR2 RAM on all of these boards. Experiencing random BSOD and reboots in XP pro. Going to flash bios tonight to latest version (released in Sept) and see if that helps, if not then trashing this thing and boycotting ECS from now on.

    Got the 6300 and P4M800Pro for $169.00 from Frys; less than the price of the CPU alone..

    Hard to believe this after so many good experiences with their boards in the past. The K7S5A was an awesome board in its time.
  7. I did a lot of experimenting with this board and different memory; it seems that it will not work properly with two strips of DDR2 memory installed... at least not identical ones. It works fine with one strip. It also appears to work fine with one strip of DDR memory, although I was not able to test a pair.

    I flashed the bios up to the newest release, but nothing changed. The system would show failing memory addresses at close to 1GB with a pair of kingston 512's installed, but each strip tested fine in both slots individually.

    My solution to the problem was to go out and grab an intel 865 board and take advantage of dual channel memory. I had no problems with memtest after installing this board... except that there doesn't appear to be a way to make the 865G chipset give back it's allocated memory for the onboard VGA... oh well, small price to pay for a stable system.
  8. hmmm... cant really help here but i have threads in this forum and need help, no one seems to check these forums anymore so i am replying to the most recent thread to get some help(asumming the users posting have instant email notification on). this is the only forum with ANY info on my p4m800pro-m class board.

    threads are here:




    Also, this one is more important,

  9. I am having the same problem with the system randomly rebooting and have one stick of 1gig DDR2... however, i did a memtest for about an hour and got back zero errors. some of you say that you are experiencing no problems with using DDR instead of DDR2... is it possible to run DDR2 in the DDR slot?
  10. I just checked the VIA driver at ViaArena.com, the lastest driver for the P4M800PRO-M is version 5.10a and is dated 9-8-06... the version at ECS is extremely outdated, by many version updates - at ECS they have only version 4.56 from 4-6-05! I'm going to try the former and see if this helps.

    ...as a sidenote, when I first encountered this problem ECS tech support told me to manually set the DRAM speed, which I did but wasn't sure about what I was doing so I set it to the exact speed of my RAM which is 533... dunno, maybe I should lower it, any opinions?
  11. Quote:
    I am having the same problem with the system randomly rebooting and have one stick of 1gig DDR2... however, i did a memtest for about an hour and got back zero errors. some of you say that you are experiencing no problems with using DDR instead of DDR2... is it possible to run DDR2 in the DDR slot?

    Hmm, my comp restarted while I was in the middle of playing wow a few times last week, not sure if it was ram or some other issue...

    As to running DDR2 in a DDR slot, i would think this would be not allowed as why would the board have both kinds of ram slots if the ram chips were meant to be interchangeable and use the same slots?

    I just checked the VIA driver at ViaArena.com, the lastest driver for the P4M800PRO-M is version 5.10a and is dated 9-8-06... the version at ECS is extremely outdated, by many version updates - at ECS they have only version 4.56 from 4-6-05! I'm going to try the former and see if this helps.

    ...as a sidenote, when I first encountered this problem ECS tech support told me to manually set the DRAM speed, which I did but wasn't sure about what I was doing so I set it to the exact speed of my RAM which is 533... dunno, maybe I should lower it, any opinions?

    quite interesting, however I will wait for ECS to update their drivers page with newer drivers before I do any driver updating for my P4M800-PRO-M478 board...

    Did tech support say what to set the DRAM speed to?
  12. no, tech support did not specify what to set the DRAM to, just that I should do it manually (I set it to 533 for mine)... I would not suggest updating the drivers that aren't on the ECS site unless you are having major problems. BTW, Batkinson001, what type of RAM are you running (DDR or DDR2) and what is the speed.

    I did some research and you cannot use DDR2 in a DDR slot (and vice versa) do to the number of pins used (184-pin for DDR; 240-pin for DDR2)...
  13. Quote:

    As to running DDR2 in a DDR slot, i would think this would be not allowed as why would the board have both kinds of ram slots if the ram chips were meant to be interchangeable and use the same slots?

    Good point...
  14. PC3200 DDR 400's (512 x2)
  15. I read a bunch of negative reviews for this motherboard at Newegg and it appears the random restart problem occurs when using DDR2, especially 1GB. I don't think your problem is the memory since most people using DDR have not reported this problem and have only good things, mostly, to say about the board. I would go to VIAArena.com and download the latest 4-in-1 driver package update as it is newer than the release found on ECS's site. Here is the link for windows xp users http://www.viaarena.com/default.aspx?PageID=420&OSID=1&CatID=1070
  16. i read those reviews as well so i could get an idea as to what the board was like that i was getting...

    thanks for the link, i will check it out.
  17. well, whatever i said before - forget it... i was humming along just fine, then it began restarting and now i can't even start my game (Silkroad Online) without it crashing and restarting... i don't get it. can anyone offer advice on a good motherboard that supports a Pentium D 915?
  18. Greetings,

    I am new to this forum, but I shall tell you what drove me here. Yes Folks ,it's that one and Only brand new P4M800Pro-m V2! To Answer the DDr2 Question. No, DDR will not fit in DDr2 because they are keyed in differently. I am currently using 2 stiks of DDR @ 1GB each, The manufactuer brand is "Corsair". This MBO is somthing else, I have never read a OEM Mini tech pup for Installation as many Times since I got my degree In CPU Science! My CPU has rebooted itself at least 1000 times on its own since I bought this.....Thing from Fry's. I am convinced
    the Processor they sold me (Intel Pentium D 945 Dual-core LGA775) is Good, However The I/O Section of this MBO is Unsatisfactory. I have replaced Everything Except The P4M800Pro-M V2! Anyone have any fresh Idea's before I return to "Fry's" with a less than favorable consumer spirit?
  19. JET007, I talked to the vendor that sold me the board and their techs said they've been having trouble with this board and ANY processor of 900 or above. I've got an Pentium D 915 - they said that was probably it - I sent the board back on Friday, upgrading to a different ECS board.
  20. Thanx Alot Bro, I cleared my Schedule this Saturday so I could return to Fry's. They probably won't take the MBO back because I have been trying to get it to Run since early Dec 2006. Sorry I couldn't reply sooner, My CPU had other Plans these past few days... I Will have a New MBO by Saturday, Can you recommend a Stable one that accepts DDR 1G and Pentium D 945?
  21. No, I'm wondering the same thing. Let us know if your new board works...
  22. Greetings!

    Check this Out. I brought my PMPRO MBO back to Fry's... Only to find out that the only Existing motherboard out there to Accept DDR Ram (Since I already bought 2 G from "Fry's") , was An ECS MBO! The Sales person was quite helpful and understanding but said "Personally I wouldn't purchase that Crap" When I Informed him of the Situation....

    A Long story short, I took home the Exact same MBO V2, The Difference is this.. When I Installed the Processor, I noticed @ least 25-30 Differences Inside the LG-775 Socket (Between the MBO I returned and the One I am Running Now). The Original MBO I Bought had all the contact points for the Processor Installed execept a few on the bottom and top, (Use a 10x Mag Glass to see what I Mean). The New one was Identical, Except changes Only In the Processor Socket (Contact points to the CPU had been removed).

    I Installed Everthing... I am Here to Tell you, I am still waiting for my Computer to Reboot! I Informed "Fry's and ECS of this problem, But the credit should go to this forum and everyone who supported This endeavor.

    My computer SCREAMS now. I will stand by to assist in any way. Thankyou For the Insight.

  23. Hey, I have recently purchased a pentium D 920, and the infamous p4m800pro-m (v.2) I have DDR400 memory and a 400 w psu. I've updated the drivers for the board and also swapped different parts with different brands (except the MBO), and everything works great except for the same random restarts. Monitoring the cpu, the hottest it has gotten is 50, but that was heavy usage and it didn't reboot until after the processes had finished. I have finally reverted to sending in this one for a new one to see if that works. Let me know if I am missing anything or if that particular board still has an issue with pentium D's that are in the 900's.
  24. Greetings master jedi, It is Indeed a small Universe. What is the speed of your processor? Is it 900 or above? I have chatted with some dudes with the same problem, Some say that it (P4M800Pro-M V2) will work just fine with a processor series below 900. I think what happened is Most Electronic outlets like "Fry's" bought up thousands of these boards and started selling them as bundles. If you contact ECS they will say thier Techs are having the same Reboot problem I'm sure your Ram is fine as well as your PS-That's what I am Running 400Watt. Heres a trick you can try. In the Bios setup take the ram speed out of auto and set it to the cpu speed Usually 200mhz'that should help a little. I have troulbeshooted this problem since Nov 14,2006... I finally Won. See if you can take your MBO back and Exchange it for another P4M800ProM-V2. I went and bought a new one, Brought it home and compared them. The socket Internal pin layout was different. I Installed It and My problems were gone. I took the old MBO back to "Fry's" and spoke with the Manager- He refunded my Money. Let me know If this helps.

  25. Hi there, I recently bought a intel core 2 duo 1.8 GHz at fry's and it came with this mobo and my problem is when I plug it in the monitor and turn my comp on nothing shows up the monitor it's just black screen. I use a ddr400 pc3200 2x 512mb stick and have tried a third stick of the same kind also 3 different monitors, 3 different hard drives and lastly 2 video card and the mobo's own video plug but still nothing shows up on the monitor, everything on the cpu like the system fan, processor fan works even the keybord lites up so any idea on whats the problem??

    Oh and one more thing this mobo and processor combo is the 1st exchange already cause this first combo (also the same mobo and processor of its kind) gave me the same identical problem
  26. Greetings Foxdude,

    When you turn on your CPU do you hear a "Default Beep"? Doe's the status of your monitor led change? (yellow to green) The first thing that happens when you apply power is the CPU attempts to read the instruction set firmware (BIOS) and load the contents into RAM.
    Try this.. Disconnect every thing except 1 memory stick and use the on-board video port. So basically all you have hooked up and running is the CPU,1 Memory,and the monitor. Disconnect all drives including the floppy. Clear the CMOS. This is a jumper on your MBO. If your not sure, pull out the battery on your MBO and wait 5 mins, then reinstall and energize. You should see at least a change. If you still have the exact same symptoms, I would Verify if the CPU is compatible with the MBO, and also check for damage in the Socket.
    Let me know how it turns out.

  27. Greetings to you to and thanks for the help,

    I dont hear a defult beep or any beep at all, the monitor light is on constant yellow. I tried clearing the CMOS and connecting only those three but it still gave me the same result. I also dont see any damage socket either, but I do think it might be a compatibity problem since this core 2 duo is a bit new compared to the other intel conroe processors, By the way my processors model is E4300 so if anyone can confirm the compatibility issue between this chip and the motherboard it'll help me alot to pinpoint the problem.
  28. I don't know if this will help, but...

    I purchased this board and the Intel Boxed P4 631 combo from Fry's. All went just fine. At least so far all seems well after about a week of use.

    I decided to get the board as well for my system, but went with the P4Duo E4300 combo. Baaaddd choice.

    As others have stated, when the power is turned on, nothing on the screen period. Everything comes on, but the screen says no signal. Yes, tried the options that have been mentioned here and other sites. Nothing.

    So, before I returned the board and the E4300 for the SECOND time, I decided to try the E4300 in the other system that has been fine. Well... as you might have guessed...same problem.

    Now I don't know if I should just return both for a refund, or get a P4 631 for it.

    I've been an AMD guy for years, maybe this is telling me something :(
    If AMD would have settled on a socket design to go with for a few years, I'd have gone with AMD. This AM2 or 939 is a pain!

    Thanks for the Site and your time,
  29. Greetings from So Cal.

    It sounds to me like ECS Should of done some more Testing before they flooded the MBO market with these different versions\with different chipsets. I am Confident that the vendors or retail outlets that are selling these things with various Processor bundles have no Idea what will Play with what, But I can tell you this, When I took my MBO back to "Fry's" after 6 weeks of trying to get it to go, I exchanged it for an exact model and style (P4m800pro-M V2) and kept the Original CPU (P945\LG775 3.4Ghz). The New one Had noticable removed Contact points (Mico-Pins) in the LG775 Socket. My CPU has been Screaming ever since.
    Take those things back to "Fry's", and talk to the Manager because the sales people on the floor cannot help you.

    Keep the Faith,

  30. I just wanted to add that both boards are V2. Both boards also have the same pins in the socket, all match both CPU's.

    JET007, where are the pins located that were removed in your board?
    Which Fry's did yo go to, Manhattan Beach?

  31. OK so im about 90% positive that it needs a bios update so what I did was I purchaced an intel celeron processor so that this mobo will work properly and I will be able to update the bios and swap my intel e4300 core 2 duo back in after the bios update. So now my question is I've never done a bios update so does anyone here know how to make a bootable floppy disk with the updated bios, what pins do I need to move in the mobo and lastly when one of you guys answer my first two questions then how do I execute the update in the main bios? or make it so that the computer boots the floppy first??

    ps I just downloaded the new bios at the ecs website.
  32. Greetings,
    The pins that I observed that were common to both MBO's (Removed) were .. If you looked at the socket with pin 1 at your left (MBO) facing down or towards you, there was 1,2-6,8 on the bottom or front left side and 1-3 maybe 5 removed on the back left side (corners) these are quite Noticable because at first I thought It was Damaged, so I used a good Mag glass. The MBO that I got from "Fry's the second time had the same contact points removed AND About 10 -15 removed from the center of the socket moving up to the right rear of the socket. I was skeptical, But yet It works. The ECS Dudes Are having problems as well. I called them before I went back to "Fry's". It's hit and miss, because there are so many Pm pro's out there..All with a different configuration. By the way ,My problem Originally was "Constantly rebooting for no apparent reason" and this forum Helped me. I live in SanDiego, but I went to "Fry's" in SanMarcos ,Ca.
    Let me know how it goes, I'm a hardware Dude by Occupation, and I really get Annoyed when I buy something New and It does not work.

  33. Jet007, I figured if it was the same store, I might ask for the guy that helped you.

    Good news so far. I dl'ed the new bios 061214s and applied it to the working MB with the 631 in it. All came up as it should with the new bios date.
    I pulled the 631 and installed the E4300, it booted!!! I was able to get video and get to the setup screen. Yeah!!
    I didn't let it boot to windows, didn't want to push my luck on the working PC.

    Now to pull my old Soyo, install the new board and the 631 chip, flash the bios and install the E4300 and see if that works for this board as well.

    For flashing the bios RTM. It's pretty clear in there how to do it, alot clearer than the PDF file. To make the boot disk with XP. Put a blank floppy in the drive, open windows explorer and right click on the floppy drive, normally A:. Select format and then click the box for create a startup disc. Extract your flash util and the .bin file and then copy to your floppy.

    If your not comfortable doing this, then let someone who has done it before do it. If you mess up with the flash, it's supposed to be a pain to fix it. If you got the board at a shop like Fry's, at least the one I go to would be able to flash it for you. Just make sure they test it after with the chip you plan to keep.

    Hope this helps and that the fix holds!
  34. Cool Dude!

    I am glad that you are having some sucess. The Manager I spoke with was an Asian man, about 50 years old, I can't remember his name at the moment. He didn't say anything until after I told him my Whole Saga with this MBO since Day 1. He was Professional and to the point, He refunded my money (In store credit) and Informed his return department that the MBO I was returning was in fact good but not with my Bunde. I bought a pen and had them put the remaining credit back on my ATM.

    Becareful with the BIOS Flash, It was that very proceedure that put me into the world of "Fry's" and the "P4m800Prom-V2". Just when you think you have it all figured out, Someone writes you right out of the Instruction set and once again you're just a Bit.

  35. So far so good with the new bios. Time will tell though.

    Thanks for the help and ideas!!

  36. Well guys I finally flashed my bios and everything works like a charm at least for this mobo's capabilities. Thanks again for all the help.
  37. As I stated previously I had Version 2 of the P4M800pro motherboard and was having random restarts constantly... so, I would exchange your board for another. I returned the P4M800pro and got an ECS RC410L/800-M and it works fantastic... I am very happy with this board, no random restarts. Again, don't take the chance with ANY version of the P4M800pro - return it; get a different board. ECS is a good brand, just not this particular board. The RC410L works great and was only $5 more.
  38. Greetings, Will that MBO work with a 945 Processor (3.4GHZ) ?

  39. I have the V1 version of that mobo, I built it about Nov of last year with an pentium-d805 and one stick of DDR2, never had any problems with it once I got the mobo drivers loaded and XP installed. Santa got me a pentium D945 for Xmas, I put it in about three weeks ago. Haven't had any problems with it yet (knock on wood). I've even got an ATI X800 AIW running in it

    I know any mobo that Fry's virtually gives away with a processor is suspect so I consider myself lucky on this one so far. :o
  40. I have the version 2 of this motherboard... and i'm having random restarts anyway... should i update the firmware or this won't work?

    using memmory corsair DDR2-667 and pentium D 2.8 GHz

    really need some help here :(
  41. Greetings,

    Reloading the bios or firmware will not work with version 2 if you are running a D945 w/P4m800Prom-v2. I tried, The random restarts are definitely a "Hardware" Issue, and ECS is aware of the problem with that bundle. Try to Exchance your MBO (PmPro) with an Another PMPRO of the same Model. The Newer ones coming out have "Modification" to the lga775 Socket contact configuration that I found Quite Interesting, But I have been running for 5 weeks straight with out a "Reboot".

  42. Hi again Jet, thanks a lot for your fast replay.
    the only think I can think is wrong here is my memory speed... since i have the version 2, it sems like this speek is not supported by this card... since i bought a expensive agp card of 512 MB ram... and there is no other card in the market tha supports DDR2 and AGP at the same time... i think i will step back in my computers evolution and get a giga of DDR memmory :( sad but true... and keep this crappy MoBo working...
    but will keep looking the forum and the drivers and bios page on ecs to see what happen.

  43. Good Luck!
  44. Has anyone got one of these mobos to OC and if so, what settings are you using?
  45. I have, Using default or optimal settings in bios except for C1E support, I have this enabled.
  46. BlackBit - the only issue is a hardware issue... the only thing you can do to fix the "rebooting" problem with the P4M800Pro-M is to return it and get a different model and/or brand of board. Again, I have had technicians say that the P4M800Pro-M does not work with Intel Pentium D 900 and higher. Sorry, there is no getting around it.
  47. I bought the Fry's ECS P4M800PRO-M (V2.0) with the Pentium 805 combo as a cheapie replacement for an older fried mobo. I was hoping to overclock as well. I am running 1 GB (512x2) dual channel DDR400 RAM with no reboot problems. I tried changing the only front-side bus speed a couple of times resultiing only in having to reset the mobo to get it to boot. I am a noobie to overclocking and have not found anything else about getting this particualr mobo to OC. I was wondering if you or anyone else with that combo has had any success in OC'ing it?
    After reading the posts here, I am relunctant to buy DDR2 RAM; although I would be willing to get a 1 GB stick of DDR2 5300 if it would help in successfully OC'ing it.
  48. I had the same bundle till I put a D-945 in it, never did get the mobo to boot with other than default settings.

    I'm running a 1gig stick of kingston DDR2 with no appearent problems.
  49. The 2x DDR2 rebooting issue is resolved by setting your DIMM voltage to +150mv in the BIOS. You must flash your BIOS version to STD-8110.ROM for this to work.

    "BIOS Setup" -> "Advanced Setup"... set "DIMM Voltage Adjust Function" to "+150mV"

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