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Case Modding and the overall potential of a good Case

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May 28, 2006 5:50:02 PM

Hi all

ok so case modding has been around since the early days of Pc building, from spray painting to some thing like this

Now, if u would Please give own Opinions and storys your own personal experiences on Case/Pc modding ....

ex. For me it started when i got my eMachines back in 2000 at first i didnt know anything about computers, well at least not enough info on how to build/buy computers

the Pc was a Pentium 4 2.53ghz cpu and it had 512 mb of ram
onboard video... the whole shibang
-in the next month or so i was looking on google and i came across some weird looking pic of a Pc all pimped out, lights everywhere a Radeon 9800pro in it and all the goodies

i looked at my case and i wanted to do some "stuff" to it, so i bust out a can of spray paint and painted it black and i added some Led fans in it

that was pretty much all i can do with that case

now 6 years later i built my own ( see sig ) of course i got tired of the case so i painted it and added some LED fans and wired the hell out of it



i will be getting another case since this one does not suit my needs
-chipped paint all over the place

If u guys would share your experiences with Pc building/modding it would be great !

hopefully people can see this thread and get ideas and put then to use !


jesus loves u all


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May 29, 2006 2:23:52 PM

Well there was a couple of times when my cheapo PSU just didn't cut it. What to do?

One of those times was back in dec '04, I upgraded my XP 2800 to an A64-3400 and got a zalman fanless for my 9800 pro.

I started to get some blue screens, random crashes and lockups during OC'd heavy gaming.

Off to my tool box, got a 1" hole saw, 3/8" drill bit, some 2-sided tape, liquid nails, a couple of small zip ties, and blue electricial tape.

Dual-rail on the cheap! It was an AT 250w unit so I was able to mod the power switch flush to where the old power cable was, then hooked it up to all the peripherals and the GPU power - so the original 250w unit was able to be dedicated to the ATX and P4 power connectors only.

It happened yet again, when my fileserver was young (before I got the X-Nav case w/ 500w) I started adding the many hdds, and after the 6th hdd was added, I got no post! What to do... Off to the tool box again, this time the 3/8 drill bit and a jigsaw was all I needed for the full-tower in-case dual PSU mod:

So I roughed a pattern with the drill bit then connect-the-dots w/ the jigsaw... Maybe "roughed" is an understatement... definitely ugly looking but functional. Again it was another old 250w AT unit so I just hung the switch out of one of the 3 1/4" bays. I also had to sacrifice the top rear case fan, so I put in a high-output (and loud) 80mm ball-bearing unit. This one had an old Antec 300w originally, with the 250w I was able to have a dozen HDDs and 2 optical drives 8)

I guess I could have "just bought a new one" but that's no fun :p 
May 30, 2006 6:38:29 PM

doolittle, nice idea with that PSU. Maybe I'll use it too :D 
May 30, 2006 8:22:49 PM

good idea doolittle that will definatly save some extra fresh air inside the pc and leaving some extra space inside to work with

sounds interesting post extra pics dud