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PlanMaker 2004

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November 11, 2004 11:40:24 PM

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Well done review on hpcfactor Clinton bye the way. But...

You write

"There is no where within the Handheld PC world is this shown more
clearly than in Pocket Excel."

So you are suggesting that Pocket Excel is more handicaped than Pocket
Word, or Pocket Access?

"Pocket Excel, while it does give basic spreadsheet functionality, is
so severely handicapped with charts (unavailable) and formulas (try
going beyond 5 steps) that it is rendered redundant for most power
Handheld PC users. Fortunately, as they did with TextMaker, SoftMaker
has an answer for this dilemma as well."

Some of this is true, but some of it is nonsense! Pocket Excel has
many, many excel functions, far more for the basic office worker,
student or user of excel.

For exampple:

I took an excel course once and Pocket excel has the majority if not
all of the functions used in the course. We used much of the PMT
function and =IF function which I cant remember if Pocket excel has.

I worked at a large parachurch organization this summer in the office,
and used excel almost everyday. I did not even use a fraction of the
functions in Pocket excel. I also was aware of the work of the
accountant, and other office workers who used excel, and they also did
not even use a fraction of the Pocket excel functions.

I worked for a large company in 2000 and I was the one at the terminal
receiving the emails and such. Every know and then I would peek at
the corporate emails that were sent to my manager. I got to peek at
the sales of our stores, the district, and the region.. The
spreadsheets that had all the financial sales and other info were very
basic to be honest with you. It looked like the person or persons at
corporate headquarters sending the spreadsheets to all the stores in
the district and region were not using many of the functions in excel
to do their math. Hence Pocket excel's functions would do the job.
Sure we used charts, tables, and many other things Pocket excel could
not do, but the Pocket excel functions were adaquette.

Also as a student I use Pocket Excel to calculate my grade in every
course. Some classes with only tests this is very simple, but other
classes with tests, presentations, projects, papers, quizes, outlines,
and such Pocket excel has become quite useful. Functions used are
basic, but Pocket excel is adaquette.

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November 12, 2004 9:44:02 AM

Archived from groups: microsoft.public.handheldpc,microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?)

<> wrote in message
........., but Pocket excel is adaquette.

If you find pocket excel adequate then it is adequate for your own needs not
anyone else's.

This is a judgement based on your own (limited) needs, and those needs must
be limited otherwise the program would not be adequate for you. I find that
Pocket Excel is not adequate for my needs, and seemingly a number of other
users also find this. I am pleased that I have the choice of around 4 other
spreadsheet products that give me the opportunity to use a better featured
spreadsheet- the important word here is choice. Just be happy that Pocket
Excel fulfils your needs, that is the important thing- important to you.
Remember that others have different needs and expectations, and also
abilities making this not adequate for their needs.