OC'ing AMD 3500+ with D.O.T.

Heloo all :)

I've got mobo MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum with DOT technology and a 3500+. I tried to oc it & the system just wudnt start. I had to clear the bios settings manually and reboot to get it up & running. SO what is wrong ?? i didnt change any setting other thatn enabling the d.o.t. ?? Maybe thats the problem ?? Plz advise :)
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  1. WTF is dot?
  2. dynamic overclocking technology?
  3. Yep ... Dynamic OverClocking Technology.. A new feature in msi mobo's and GFx cards. OC's the card / processor when it feels the rig needs more juice ;). Has 5 levels, with maximum of 11% and min of 2%. DOT Works fine with Gfx card ( tried it with my 7900GT ... ), but not the processor. ?!
  4. I have the same board and I tried the DOT feature. The highest I could go was "captain" and any setting higher then thaten I would boot it wouldn't go into windows. I think becuase beyond that point it would require a reduction in the HTT multi. But the problem is when you reduce the multi to accomodate for when it OC's it's too low for the stock FSB speed. Either that or it tightened the memory timings too much. I dunno I never bothered to care.

    Forget the DOT. Manually OC. The slight amount of OC you get from DOT can be mirrored manually and would barely be pushing any of the components on your board...
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