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I just purchased a Biostar - TForce 6100-939 (running an AMD 4000+). The board has a NVIDIA GeForce 6100 + NF410 built in. I also own a Radeon x1600 pro card. Is it possible to get the combined power of both the on board (nVidia) and the Radeon video cards? Does this even make sense? Or am I simply driving my monitor by which ever port it is plugged into - either directly to the MoBo (hence the nVidia chip) or the PCI express installed Radeon card.


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  1. there is no way to combine the power of both graphics chips. The only thing similar i am aware of is a laptop that would use the onboard GC during application stuff, and switch to the dedicated card during gaming.
  2. Many long years ago, VooDoo cards were an add in that used both the onboard graphics processor and the VooDoo card itself. You would still plug into the VooDoo card when using one of those. Nobody does that anymore. You should probably have the onboard graphics disabled and run off the Radeon card. If you run off the onboard graohics, then the separate graphics card is just taking up space, doing nothing at all.
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