Hi all,

My speaker selection menu in the THX Setup Console seems to vanish randomly it seems. Sometimes it's 1 or 2 selections that dissapear or everything. So it's just blank in the pull down menu.

I don't really know when this started. It happens pretty randomly too. If i unistall and reinstall my drivers it'll fix it. All the speaker selections will be there. But the problem keeps coming back, sometimes as soon as i make a first reboot. It certainly happens everytime i switch from 1 selection to another (headphones to 5.1 for example) and then reboot. Then it'll be screwed for sure. But if i don't switch then sometimes after a reboot it'll still be fine but eventually after a couple of reboots without switching it'll still be screwed, GO FIGURE?!. Ugh, it makes no sense to me.

I have a SB audigy 2 ZS platinum. All drivers are the latest on win xp pro sp2.

What can be causing this?! A format would probably fix this. But i'm keeping that as my last option.

Well thank you in advance for taking the time to help me,

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  1. yeah i tried unchecking that, doesn't change anything.

  2. Im just hopein I dont have this prob.....
  3. Candidly, I'd wonder if there might be a 3rd party application that's interfering in some way here.

    If you're comfortable with your Windows registry check here:

    and your Windows Startup folder

    This can prolly easist be checked by: Start-->Run-->MsConfig (startup tab)

    If there's more than just a very few items here, look item may be interfering with your audio drivers.

    I only mentioned this as the symptom is described as sporadic. ...just check.
  4. Thanks for your time Halcyon,

    This is my startup:

    Weird the last 2 are blanks? Everything else looks ok.

    This is my problem:

    It's nuts the amount of times i tried a complete unistall and then installed everything again from the retail CD. But this bug keeps persisting. So annoying. I switch from headphones to 5.1 and vice versa many times so in about a week i'll have to format =( if there's nothing that can be done..

    Thank you.
  5. i'll do a complete unistall, then reboot, then a complete install from retail cd, reboot, not touch ANY options, not switch at all, and then after a couple of reboots, it'll happen

    aisgjsoaagjiaijogao i'm going insane

    and this is why i hate sb!!!!!

    they might make great cards- but their drivers not only suck, they deliberately try to break things

    please tell me someone there's a way to fix this!, or i'll have to format next weekend!!!
  6. Hmmm. Well, we know that UpdReg.exe can come up (unless you really want Creative to remind you to register your product...)

    ...but I dout its the source of your problem. I always wonder if all the knick-knacks Creative throws into the startup are necessary or necessary operation? I've not researched it...

    One thing may want to try is to launch MSconfig.exe and temporarily turn off some of the items in your Startup to see if there's any positive effect. Since it's temporary its unlikely you'll do any harm. This could help you better isolate if such an item is having its way with this problem.
  7. after all this time i still have the same issue on this winxpsp2 machine - anyone new has other suggestions?
  8. I wish to join this discussion because I have the same problem. Only now its got worse!! My 6.1 speakers are fixed in stereo mode!! And the headphones no long mute the speakers or change the layout as it should do.

    I'm using the latest drivers but as silly as this sounds, try with the oldest drivers as these seem to be less buggy than the latest Creative released.
  9. I'm having the same issue as marshahu. It was when I plugged some headphones in, expecting the speakers to mute, and headphone to be selected, that I noticed the problem.

    The speaker selection dropdown is completely empty.

    I tried running diagnostics, but the dropdown is empty in that as well. I tried running Restore Defaults, but got an error message saying that not all settings could be restored.

    I'll have to try re-installing the drivers, I suppose. great way to spend an evening.
  10. i had this problem, i download driver cleaner pro, and removed all creative drivers, then removed the card from my system and did a full reinstall of the card(audigy 2 ZS)... that fixed it for me.

    strangley i also think this problem can be caused by the logitech drivers i use for my media keyboard... anyone here got a logitech media keyboard with the drivers installed?
  11. Amazingly I am also using a Logitech Media Keyboard 600 and a MX Laser 1000 with SetPoint software - could this be a common factor?
  12. sorry to revive this, I'm having the same issue. What did you guys do to fix it? I also have a logitech keyboard (diNovo mini) and laser mouse on my system. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  13. uninstall the logitech drivers and then do a full uninstall reinstall of you Sound card.
  14. I do not have logitech speakers and mine also disapear. Happened with xp, and now with vista (fresh install) new drivers.

    I believe this is a creative software issue. It's annoying, but not the end of the world.
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