DVD movies causing slowdown.

When I play DVDs on my HP DV5000 laptop, the movies play slow, out of sync with sound and skip consistently while lagging my computer.

The CPU usage also jumps to 70% and above.

I was using the WinDVD decoder (which it seems I've accidentaly uninstalled :oops: ), and now I'm using the VLC media player.

Anything wrong with my computer? I checked for Starforce, but that doesn't seem to be the problem.
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  1. MAke sure ur drivers r up2date
  2. Its worth checking to see if your machine is bogged down running loads of extra applications, tray programs, junk, spyware and so on, which may cause you to run low on memory whihc might impeed dvd playback.
  3. How much memory do you have in your pc?
  4. It has 1 gig of ram, but I think the reason it's so slow is because its bogged down with all the useless software that was pre-installed as an HP laptop.

    Instead of doing anything else, I think I'm going to reformat it.
  5. Clear all those unwanted, useless and unused programs. They can cause slowdowns and other problems me I used only my OS, Media Player, BF2 and CPU-Z. Anything esle I want to run then I'll install it and when I'm not using it anymore then I remove to so that it doesn't slowdown the system.

    You should try clearing everything and start from scratch. Do a clean install and your laptop should run just like new.
  6. Thank you, I'll try that. And thank you to everyone else who helped.
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