A 2gb SD card whont format URGENT PLEASE@!!

Hi guys, you solve some problems later this days, but this is a really hard one for me, I just receive my SD 2gb Stargem 150x sd card whit a reader, whit a good price. them when I plug the sd into the reader, windows found it. then when I whant to open it, need to be formated. OK i do the opcion, but neither in Fat o Fat 32 dont format the F#@$ sd, neigher in cmd (command window). I download some softwares, but is the same thing, and the funny thing that says is this software tells me that is formated, but in windows stiil ask me to format, please Toms guys, HHHELLLPP!P!!!! : :twisted: :twisted:
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  1. Did you figure out your trouble or is it still not working?

    I can walk you through a process if you can't get windows to format it for you.
  2. guys, I try it in another computer, its works on other computer (3 actually and very fast :P ), but looks like my computer had a USB problems, when I insert the reader in other computer appears the Label I use, in my computer only says removable disk, when I try to acces it, says the disk has no format... Another thing I noticed, is my Tiger PS2 usb adapter, all the buttons works but when I turn on the analog stiks, dont turn on!!! is there a services that I stop it? I turn on the smart cards reader, uptade my USb drivers (by the way I have an Asus A7v600x)... any clues?
  3. yeahh I was thinking of a clean install, and yes 1 year I installed my xp whitout problems well only this one, but I will try to disable the USB like you said..
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