Help me pick a motherboard for my PC

Here's the deal.. I have the following working perefectly right now:

ASrock P4VM800 AGP mobo
P4 socket 478 3.4GHZ processor
1gb PC3200 DDR400
7800GS AGP video card
sata drive

Okay, I want to have *atleast* 2gigabytes of PC3200 ram, the board I bought supports only 1 GB of PC3200, you install more it clocks the memory down to the PC2700 speeds/specs which REALLY pisses me off and I cannot see the full potential I want from my ram this way.

So can someone find me the cheapest/affordable MOBO that can supports my processor (socket 478) my video card (8x AGP) and 2GB's or MORE of PC3200 DDR400 or higher?

I think it's false advertising, when I bought my board it said supports 2gb's total ram, supports pc3200... but failed to mention it cannot support more than one total GB of pc3200.

Anyway I hope that make sense, thanks for any help.
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  1. Well hopefully someone doesn't fire back with a better value/performance board than that because I just ordered it =]. USed my $75 newegg gift certifacte they gave me with my last purchase!

    Thanks for the link/recommendation. When I can get enough cash I plan on maxing out with 4gbs ram so maybe I can run BF2 without thinking "what if I had 1 more gb" :lol:
  2. 4gb is overkill and may actually hurt performance.... 2gb would be about perfect.
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