Help me pick a video card please...

Im a long time Nvidia fan but dont have a problem going with ATI if the price performance ratio is best.
I currently have a agp6800 vanilla 128mb.
I need a pci-e card for my new pc. I want something maybe a little better than my 6800agp but I want something fairly cheap.
Now on the higher end of my budget is the 7600gt below
But I was also looking at these
and this

Im not at all familier with the ati cards, the numbers are confusing x800, x800gt, x800gto, x1300, x1600pro, I have no idea why so many models.
If you can offer better suggestions that would be cool. How bout the 7600gs? Thanks.
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  1. Coming from your card, in the sub-$200 price range, there are 3 cards you shoudl consider: the X850 XT, 7600 GT, and X1800 GTO

    The X850 XT will be the cheapest and might offer slighty better framerates than the other two. However, it is older technology and does not support Shader Model 3.0/ Still, a very good buy

    The 7600 GT is bery fast and offers SM 3.0 technology. It is also very well priced.

    The X1800 GTO is slightly more expensive and performs similarly to the 7600 GT, but it is a monster overclocker. If you plan to overclock, the X1800 GTO is unleashed and does exceptionally better than an overclocked 7600 GT or X850 XT.

    So there you go. All 3 are great cards, just pick the one right for you. Don't bother with a 7600 GS, X1600 XT, or really any other cards in the price range, they aren't as good.
  2. Hey thanks. Im really leaning to the 7600gt.
    Can you tell me why the 6800gt has 16 pipes while the 7600gt only has 12?
  3. well from my opinion i would go wiht the X1800Gto because even if you dont overclock its still a great card and it has Shader Model 3.0 and in the future when games because more demanding for graphics that card will last your longer than the 850 also the 7600 is great to but i feel as if its more of a mid-upper range card
    good luck with your search
  4. Quote:
    Hey thanks. Im really leaning to the 7600gt.
    Can you tell me why the 6800gt has 16 pipes while the 7600gt only has 12?

    When 6800GT was released, it was a high-end card. When 7600GT (recently) has been released, it was a mid-range card, but they were able to crank out high clock speeds on the 7600GT. 7600GT is newer technology also. There are few factors on the pipeline issue.
  5. What games do you play and expect to play the most over the next 18 months?
  6. We play BF2 and America's Army mostly.
    The 6800 does a decent job on those already.
    Thanks for your opinioins Ive decided on the 7600gt. Its only $149 after rebate.
  7. For BF2 to run very good at high/max settings, you need more than 1gb of RAM. Upgradeing your video card and adding more RAM will do the job very nicely for you.

    FYI, no matter what card you add, BF2 will not run smoothly at high/max settings with 1gb of RAM.
  8. well who says you have to play it on max then again i dont know with my system i play CS:S on medium Dx9 (simulated with a tweaker) and its fine for me but ppl have different opinions you know
  9. Your joking right? I know you dont play CS on a mx440 or your full of crap dude. :lol:
  10. well if you say so but lets look at it
    Gf Mx 440 does suck and i will agree with you 100% but it passes all requirements
    it has 128ram and it has Dx7 so what more do i need ( i guess nothing) i also play COD2 i mean for such a SH@%Y card im amazed
  11. Yeah, same here. Although I should get better frames than you :D
  12. cool about the 4ti i've never seen one what Dx level is it and how much ram does it have?
    what games do you play with it
  13. I used to have a MX440. The 128meg version too. I used to have it overclocked to 360/300 and it would get me 6-7k on 3dmark 01 and like 700 on 03 due to lack of pixel shaders.
  14. It is DirectX 8 hardware I believe. It is quite good for the games I play. COD2 CS, NFSU2, NFSU among others....

    It is 64MB when I bought it, it was just as good as the 128MB version :)
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