How do I image old drive to new drive?

Just bought new HD and want to image over the boot drive. Need help I copied over the files but is not booting. Can anyone help me thru the process of imaging the old boot drive to the new one. Already have Ghost 9.0 just need to know the process.
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  1. Boot off the ghost cd if it lets you otherwise make a boot floppy, just the most basic is all you need, then make sure both hd's are installed, boot the disc and do a partition to partition copy. Another option, most hd manufacturers have a program that will do this, maxblast for example, at least they used to, check it out.
  2. why dont you better make a clean boot for the new HD, and them copy files you whant from the other HD, sometimes when you "clone" HD the older has spywares, etc.... and no one whant that right? :P
  3. ok I used the disk that came with the HD da! So I was able to copy the boot drive to my new drive now the problem is that I connected my old drive to the slave connection and my new drive to the master connection and my computer won't boot up! And when I disconnect the old drive my computer boots up! What do I have to do to the old drive if I want to use it as another storage drive to my computer?
  4. Change the jumpers on the drives. Get some tweezers, and take out the jumper cap on the old drive and set it to "Slave". Then make sure that the jumper on the new drive is on "Master"
  5. It's easy with almost any live Unix CD such as Knoppix: If you don't have one then make one (it's free) by downloading the file from the Internet (i.e., Knoppix_V4.0.2CD-2005-09-23-EN.iso) and then burning it to your own CD.
    Set your system's BIOS so that it will boot from a CD if it is not already so set, and install the second HDD on your ATA cable. Then boot your system from your new Knoppix disc; once Knoppix is up and running then mount both of those HDDs under Knoppix, and copy one to the other. I'll provide details of that mounting and copying process if you'd like, but the book "Knoppix Hacks" would really serve you better.
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