ATI and 7900 cant switch between....

I have a ASUS A8N platinum MOBO and a ATI aiw catalist. I also have a ASUS en7900gt top GPU both are in pci-express slots . The problem is anything I do whenther its play games or run DVD's or TV is only comeing from the ATI how can I get games and DVD's to run off the 7900 instead of the ATI. I would like to have a simple solution but hey it is a Any help is greatly appritiated.
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  1. Try to go into your bios, you should be able to tell it which pci-e slot is primary, and which is secondary. The primary slot is the one that default plays videos, gaming ect.
    In windows, how is your display set up?
  2. How is this all setup? Like where are all the chips, and if u can a better model number for the board?
  3. The mobo is a asus a8n premium, I have a thermaltake 680 watt psu 2 gig's of kingston memory a creatve audigyzs2 platinum soundcard , a AMD x2 4800 cpu a thermaltake rythm liquid cooling system 3-120mm fans , 2-80mm fans a Mitsumu 7 in 1 A drive a plexor atapi dvd/cd r/rw +/- a Sony dvd/cd r/rw +/- a coolermaster fan contoller and temp monitor the case is a thermaltake armor(Real big) and of course the 7900 gt-top and the ati tv/tuner card.
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