The OC'ed Intel 805 cooling challenge

I'm seriously considering building an Intel 805 OC'ed to around the 4.1 mark that THG was able to achieve. I've never tried water cooling though, and am a bit worried about taking the leap. I'd prefer to go with a kit to make things easier, but piecing it together isn't a big concern.

I'd prefer to keep the system under $150, does this sound reasonable?? Most of the kits I've seen for this cheap combine the pump with the cooling block... which doesn't seem like a good idea. One strong possibility is the Thermaltake Bigwater 745 -

Would this kit be enough to handle 4.1 Ghz? Could I build it any cheaper part by part? Am I crazy to think this is doable for under $150? Thanks in advance!

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  1. yep, i think that was enough.. anyway, thg uses h2o cooling kit when they already hit 4.0Ghz. (based on the review)
  2. Choice of case could be important. This model has an optional griddle:

  3. LOL..... :D
  4. hahahah
  5. Quote:
    Choice of case could be important. This model has an optional griddle:

    This is my latest set up. This is only my prototype for testing purposes.

    Seriously, it's called "reverse overclocking" as to applying heat rather than water to boost performance. Try it to see for yourself, you'll be surprise!
  6. while a watercooling project sounds fun, has anyone considered that the money spent on the water cooling kit could be better spent on a new conroe. the e6300 (1.83 ghz) is likely to retail for around $200. if the current benches coming out on Core 2 are accurate an e6300 OC'd to around 2.5-2.6 should easily match a 4.1 ghz d805. plus the tdp is rated at only 65w vs 120w+ for 805. It could still run nice and quiet. people are already getting pre-release chips to 4 ghz on air. with a finalized chip 2.5ghz should be no sweat. you can put the extra cash into better gfx hardware, more mem, bigger hard drive, maybe even take a girl out to dinner and a movie 8O.

    Or a guy if thats your thing. No judgements :wink: .
  7. I know, have you read the one with someone overclocked a Conroe to 4Ghz on a giant heatsink. A heatsink! No fan at all and manage to go for 4Ghz stable! Conroe is pretty ridiculously fast chip. Im buying one next year.
  8. Yes the Conroe chips are going to kick some serious ass, but they won't be available for a little bit yet and I love my D 805 for a few reasons. First, it is a screaming fast chip when you know how to use it with proper cooling. Second, I love the challenge of bringing a mediocre CPU to a near top of the line speed CPU for 150 bucks including an Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro for 21.99 and the D 805 off newegg. Finally, who could help but love opening any monitor program and seeing Pentium D 2.66Ghz
    4.00Ghz :)
    If you are the kind of person into overclocking and tinkering with computers, the D 805 is one of the most fun processors you can own! Again, I agree the THG article on the 805 failed to point out some of the drawbacks of overclocking the chip, but I'm running on air cooling, stable for months and benchmarking like a $800+ chip :) Personally I enjoy it and the Conroe may outperform it but you have to wait awhile and for 150 bucks it wont kill your wallet to use this processor for 6 months and wait for conroe to drop in price! Thats my plan
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