startup problem - please help

So I built my first pc in December and it has worked fine until yesterday. Specs:
Gigabyte k8n pro sli mobo
athlon 3700+
geforce 7800GT (just one)
1GB corsair value ram
two optical drives
antec tx1050b case w/ sp-500 power supply

Yesterday, after a few days away I pressed the power button and nothing happened. The fans didn't even budge. First I checked the button. I could hear the electric discharge when I pushed the power button with the case open, so I know the button works.

So then I switched off the power supply to check all the plugs on the inside thinking a loose power connector or fan power/sensor kept it from starting. Nothing felt loose, but I turned the psu back on and pressed the power button to check. It worked.

This morning, however, it wouldn't start again. Remembering the last thing I did yesterday I turned off the psu by the rear switch for a few seconds and pressed the power button while it was off. Fans spun for a split second using up any stored power. I turned the switch back on and hit the power button and it worked.

The pc seems to work fine once it starts. Restarting works fine as well. Something is wrong with the supply or distribution of power before a cold start. I'm guessing it's a power supply or motherboard issue. Any help you guys could give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Sounds like the PSU, if u have a Psu leing around or know a friend u can barrow one just plug it in and check, or you could to the same with a Mobo (but the PSU Is easier to do)

    if you dont have a PSU or Mobo lieing around i would go for the PSU going out, however i would wait for some other people to post there opion on the problem for im not 100% sure.
  2. u get any beeping when this happened?

    also how the TX series case?, any good? do u like it, i wanted to get one but the door got bad reviews, and the HDD's supposedly got really close to the Gfx card
  3. I had an old 180W psu, so I only connected essential components. It worked (as well as you could expect it to). Now, with the original it won't start up at all and the psu even whines a bit when the switch is on. I just went to antec's site to start a case.

    There was no bad beeping for the record (not that it really matters now).
    I like the case, but since this was my first build I don't really have much to compare it to with my limited upgrades and repairs in other systems. My door survived shipping unlike alot of other people. Long video cards can reach right up to the back of a harddrive if you put them in the same verticle possition. With my mobo the top pci-e 16 slot is even with the bottom possible hdd slot, so it's not a big issue for me. I'm sure there are boards that put that slot a bit higher up making it very difficult to put any hard drives in the bottom cage. If you don't have any floppy drives or anything needed in the top cage you can put a fan in there with up to 3 hdds. It really matters what board you're getting and how many drives you're putting in. I have a card reader in my top cage, so if I wanted 3 or more hard drives it would either be a tight fit with the bottom one right next to the video card, or I couldn't have a fan blowing directly accross one because I put it in the top cage.

    Thanks for the help.
  4. np, ty for the quick review.

    anyways back to ur problems.

    get an Antec 480w Truepower. if u have the money get the NeoHE 430w its a bit more expensive but more power on the 12v rails and modular.
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