7600gs in SLI slower?

I just got a new comp with dual 7600gs and I have a A8N32 SLI board. I have found that the two in SLI are running slower than either card by itself. Does anyone have any insight into why this would happen or what could cause it? I do have the bridge on and I do have SLI selected in my nvidia settings. Is there something I am missing?
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  1. Your mind??

    9600GS in SLI?? If you meant 9600 in Crossfire, thats obviously not happening. So I assume you mean 7600 or 6800GS in SLI??

    Anywho. Some games actually see a preformance hit when SLI is enabled.
    So depending on the game/app, you might want to disable your second card.
    The other suggestion, would be to make sure you dont have any older drivers (namely from another manufactorer) that are creeping about. Run driver cleaner and then post back your results.
  2. I am losing my mind. It has been a long day. I meant 7600gs. I already updated the drivers and actually never installed any beyond the lates nvidia set. I benchmarked the cards by themselves as well as in SLI using 3dmark03 and the Tester inside of FEAR. FEAR is one of the games I thought took advantage of SLI. I also have seen the same thing with Half Life 2 since I got it. Anyway, thanks for pointing out the typo. I appreciate it.
  3. it shoudn't be that bad, if its the board i'm thinking of, it uses the full extent of the dual x16 lanes
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