7900Gt KO Overclocked in SLI or 7900GTX Overclocked Single

I just want some opinoins before I make my choice. I have a 7900GT KO right now not overclocked. I'm looking at doing the step up program for either a 7900GTX 512MB overclocked or upgrading to a 7900GT KO Superclocked and picking up a second one to run in SLI. Any suggestions would be helpfull. I know this is off the subject above, but any help with this problem would be great. :lol: I can't run F.E.A.R at all my PSU is 550W. Half Life 2, Doom 3 run fine on max settings. Lot's of artifacts in F.E.A.R and crashes my system. :cry: I have lots of air flow in my case.

ASUS A8NSLI32-Deluxe
AMD 64 +4400 X2
2GB Corsair XMS
74GB WD Raptor
200GB Maxtor
7900GT KO 256MB
Ultra 550W PSU
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  1. 7900GTs in SLI would perform better than a single 7900GTX in most cases. If you play at 1600x1200 (at least) resolution, then SLI is for you. If you play below that resolution, SLI is a waste.
  2. You're pretty much right about that. I just ordered my new monitor last night, 1680x1050! :D
  3. I have much the same setup. (MSI K8N Diamond Plus, 4400+@2.4GHz, 2x7900GT XO's, 2x1GB G-Skill, 74GB Raptor, Additional HDD's and Optical Drives and so on) The two 7900GTKO's I'm running are clocked at 570MHz/1720MHz (they overclock well). They will out run a single 7900GTX in almost everything. It's going to cost at least $200 to step up to a single 7900GTX, I say forget about stepping up, just order up a second 7900GT KO, they are $275 on Newegg, that's only $75 more then the 7900GTX and it will preform proportionally better. It would be a waste of money to step up to a 7900KO Superclock that would cost you about $50 for the stepup and $320 for the card making it like $100 ($370 total) more to run two 7900GT KO Superclocks then two regular 7900GT KO's. The way I see it you have two options that are most cost effective, either 2x7900GT KO's (which I reccommend) or a single 7900GTX.

    (I am assuming you paid around $300 for the 7900GT KO)
  4. Quote:
    I just ordered my new monitor last night, 1680x1050! :D

    Yea I heard. Have fun with it :wink:
  5. I take back what I said about Source; depending on which variant you're running (HDR vs. not) SLI does have a larger impact on performance. When playing Lost Coast I noticed with FRAPS that my framerates with SLI enabled were between 25 and 30FPS higher than with SLI disabled.
  6. Alright my other question is the 7900GT KO does not support Ultra Shadow Technology 2. The 7900GTX and 7800GTX both support Ultra Shadow Technology 2. Can you tell the difference or not. Thanks. Heyyou27 what cards are you running?
  7. I am running the 7900 gtx 512 oc at 665mhz and memory at 1600 and i can run everygame i have tried on Max setting no problem
    I also run on a Samsung 20.1 at 1600/1200 resolution

    A8N32-sli deluxe
    4200+ 64x2
    2 gb 500 mhz ballisticks ram
    300 gb SATA 250 GB SATA
    Antec neo 550 PS
    Antec case
    Thermaltake Big Water SE
    8 Fans
    7900 gtx 512mb
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