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Has anyone seen any benchmarks using World of Warcraft's built in FPS indicator (Ctrl-r) for NVIDIA cards? I've got everything turned on at 1920x1200 (Dell 24" LCD) and I'd like to see how my AGP NVIDIA 6600 compares with the different 6800 Series of cards. I'm not really interested in the ATI cards because they are still working out to many driver issues under Linux.

Any links would be appreciated.
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  1. You should probably post under Graphics Cards.. and the difference in the 6600 and 6800 isn't going to be that much different, considering the costs.
  2. Well its very rudimentary but here are my FPS figures for an NVidia 6800 Ultra 256:(all averages are estimated, solid means it didn't fluctuate more than a couple of tenths.
    - Sitting in Stormwind (SW) by Bank: 60.6 (average)
    - Ironforge (IF) between Bank and Auction House: 48.7 (average)
    - Melee with single Mob in Loch Modan: 55.0 (solid)
    - Griffin Travel from SW to IF: 56.0 (average)
    - Boat travel Darnessus to Menethil Bay: 58.2 (average)

    Hope this helps

    I am officially <i>addicted</i>
  3. Here is my rig for comparison:
    Athlon64 3800+
    1GB Ram (not very fast)
    MSI Neo2 Plat
    OEM Nvidia 6800 Ultra 256 (v7.7.7.2 drivers)
    Maxtor DiamondMax 160 (7400rpm)SATA
    Windows XP Pro

    WOW particulars for this simple test:
    Zul'Jin Server (High population)
    Lvl 23 Night Elf Priest
    Melee always includes casting graphics (that effects FPS too)
    Server Latency (green - about 36ms)

    I am officially <i>addicted</i>
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