Trying to decide between these two. Help?

I'm looking to upgrade my 9800xt ati radeon to either the x850 XT ATI or the Evga Geforce7800 CO Edition.

So which is better?

The x850 XT has a core clock of 520mhz, but 1080mhz memory clock. While the Geforce7800 has a memory clock of 1300mhz, while only having a 430mhz core clock. They both have 16 pixel pipelines.

So.. Which?
Here's the x850 XT
And here's the Geforce7800 CO

As usual, thanks in advance for any answers!
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  1. 7800GS is better, and has newer technologies, and SM3.0 support. You can find some 7800GS cards for about $250. $299 is too much for an AGP card.
  2. the nvidia is better but the ati is cheaper
    it's up to you if price or performance better suits you
  3. The X850XT would win some games but the 7800GS is the better card. I totally agree with Prozac though, look for a cheaper one. They can be found for around $250. If I had to decide just based on those two choices you gave, the X850XT for $60 less would win my vote for sure.
  4. Neither. get a used X800 XL on ebay for 90% of the performance and 1/2 the price...
  5. If you got the cash, the 7800GS will last you longer, as it has the SM 3.0, which the old AGP ATI cards DO NOT have. This technology will last you a lot longer than the old stuff on the ATI's, and will make games look a little better, though AGPs are already outdated.
  6. Well.. Okay. What about this card?

    With this, I won't even have to upgrade my power supply, which is an allied 350watt.

    Though, my question is, will the power cord I use to plug my 9800xt to the PSU be sufficent to use on this x800 XT PE?
  7. OK, now you are talking; that's a good deal in AGP.

    The X800XTpe is actually a tiny bit faster than the X850XT (non-platinum) although it's easier to speak obout them as equal. I have that card and think it's a great choice at the price you found. As far as the power cable, it will use a 4-pin molex connector just like a hard drive or cd-rom drive. If you need an extention, then the 9800xt one will work fine as I believe it's the cd-rom style molex and not the smaller floppy drive connector. Power supply wise i'd think it would require the same as the X850XT. I have used mine in a 4- 80mm fan, 1-HDD, 2 optical drive system with Antec 350W smartpower and a 2 fan, 1HDD, 2 optical drive system with Antec 330W Truepower power supply. What is the 12v rail on your allied 350W? How loaded is your system with drives and fans? What mobo and CPU?
  8. get the 7800gs, it will last you longer on ur AGP. nvidia or ati wouldnt make anymore cards for AGP. so u may get the most powerful card in AGP platform before doing a funeral on it.
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