have i fixed my craphics card? (need a little help)

hello all,

i posted a few days ago about a problem i have been having with my Asus 7900gt. (stock speeds and cooling)(idle at 40, load about 65)

The problems were....

- always crashing after playing fear
- showing bad artifacts in fear and some in quake 4
- making my tft fo crazy after closing a game
- images on the net (jpeg's) looking odd with strips missing.

well, i tried to fix it by

- removing the card and putting it in again
- remiving 1gig of ram to make it 1gig
- all the drivers etc.

since then, the card is working brilliantly. no problems at all.

i have been given an rma number, but so far cant find a problem with it. i have not played with the clock settings too much. i did underclock it a little, which made very little difference. (i have since returned it to stock)

so the question is....

is it fixed? and how can i stress test it? (just to make certain)
i have ran 3dmark06, and never had any issues with it
i run rthdrbl for about 45 mins, and no problems at all.

do you think the card was maybe not sitting right in the slot?

or if it was not sitting right, why could i play at all. i would imagine a bad connection would give you nothing at all.

any tips?

thanks a lot
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  1. For other test programmes google "rolling demos".

    I like the Hegemonia, X2 & X3 rolling demos.

    There are plenty to chose from.

    If you have a full version of 3d Marks 03 or 05 that has a demo mode also.

    That's my suggestions anyway.
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