Command rate and CAS Question

I am planning to buy new RAM. Please help me decide which is better between these 2 modules:

1. Patriot:

It has CAS 2 latency 2-3-2-5 timing. It said somewhere in the reviews that it has 2T command rate, not sure if it is true pls help.

2. Corsair:

It has CAS 3 latency 3-3-3-8 timing

I've read from the forum that lower numbers mean faster memory if so, the Patriot should be a better buy. Please correct me in this. Thank you.
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  1. Quote:

    2. Able to run 2.5-3-3-x 1T @DDR400

    At stock speed(DDR400) the performance between 2.5-3-3-x and 2-3-2-x is negilible.

    Thanks for the reply. I thought the stock speed on the Corsair is 3-3-3-8? I don't think I can adjust the timings on my mobo. If so, which of the two is faster at stock speeds?
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