Laptop Overheating problem and used space on HDD.

Hello everyone,

Well I have a HP pavillion ze4900 laptop and recently it has started to overheat.. it has overheated so criticaly that it has shutted off itself on numerous occasions while on. I dont know what the problem might be.. and i have no idea how to fix it.. im currently cooling it with a small fan placed next to it(i know its sad) for extra protection lol. I was wondering if I can get some advice that I can use to make the laptop's own fan better functional.

Also my other problem this that I have a 40GB HDD , couple of months ago I reinstalled windows with the desire to free some space and get rid of built up spyware.. instead a lot of the old data stayed installed..but a lot got purged too but now I dont know how my HDD is filled up again.. and I really dont have so much stuff taking the space. I have like 500 MB free now and I was wondering what the cause might be and where I can find unused files taking a lot of space..

Thank you.
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  1. Here is some low hanging fruit for you.

    The ventilation for your machine should be between the modem port and the external monitor port. There is an additional one under your laptop behind the modem port. Insure that they are unobstructed.

    If you have only 500mb left on the hard drive, windows and the paging file will not function properly. Ideally you’ll want ~15%+ free space on your hdd.

    You will want to reformat your hard drive and then reinstall windows.

    How much Ram do you have?

    Moving up the tree, adding ram will decrease the pagefile’s use of the hard drive, and ease the burden on the cpu, hence a cooler (and faster) running laptop.

    Your issue may very well be more substantial, but freeing up more space on the hard drive would be a good first approach.
  2. Hello.

    First of thank you for your help. Ill check to see that both the ventilations of the laptop re unblocked.. ill try and set it onto a solid surface. it has 256 ram. I just got a small program that free's up cpu space which makes it run smoother but i feeel like im forcing it too much this way.

    My main concern is that I currently have some programs and stuff that Im going to need therefore I was looking for an alternative of formating my HDD but now I think, in order to solve all problems I`ll just burn the most important on a CD keep some backups and just format it.

    Thank you again for the help, and let me know if you have any other ideas.
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