.NET based SoftPhone SDK now in beta

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I'm writing this message in search of a few good developers interested
in testing a .NET SDK for VOIP/SoftPhone applications. Works Out
Software, Inc. ( has just released a public
beta of the intellIPhone SDK built upon the Microsoft RTC Client.

The intellIPhone SDK will allow developers to use .NET to develop VOIP
applications such as SoftPhones and IP Based IVR systems. Here are a
few of the features:

- SAPI Text-To-Speech synthesis
- SAPI Speech recognition
- DTMF tone generation and recognition
- WAV and MP3 support for sound playback (for hold systems, voice
prompts, etc.)
- WAV and MP3 support for sound recording (for voicemail, etc.)
- Support for almost any SIP based VOIP provider (Vonage, BroadVoice,

The SDK includes:
- Sample code
- Sample applications
- Full documentation

If you're interested in testing the SDK, please head to and download it. Please be sure to
participate in the forums at in
order to give feedback. Thanks in advance for the help!
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