Having Trouble getting Intel 805 to OC.

I just purchased the Intel 805 with the Gigabyte GA-8N-SLI mobo. I am using Zalman CNPS9500 cooler, and Corsair Valueselect 2x1gb 240 Pin ddrs 667 ram. My goal is to just modestly overclock the CPU to 3.4 from its 2.6 current state. The problem I am having is when I use the EasyTune5 Overclock Tool from Gigabyte and bump the FSB to a modest 160 FSB, the memory frequency jumps up to 805 which is about max for this memory. With this scenario I can only overclock at the very max to 3.2 mhz. It seems the memory multiplier is set to 5. Is there anyway that I can change this multiplier so I can achieve a higher clock speed with lower memory freq? Thankyou in advance.
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  1. Hmmm I havent used that easy tune software but if it has the option to change settings related to your Ram check there (you probably have already) OCing is best done in the BIOS where you can get more controll from the sounds of things.
  2. one very easy thing is to actually go into the bios and change the settings manualy.

    i personaly just dont like programs that overclock like easytune
  3. yep oc in bios! even if you must restart the comp evertime you do it.

    this is yet another example of an 805 that didnt oc to 4.0.....
  4. Thankyou for the info guys. I moved to the bios and its working wonderful. I did get to 4 gig with voltage increase and it booted fine. I still ended up dropping back down to 3.6 because I plan on using this system for a long time.:)
  5. Why did you get the CNPS9500, just to copy someone? I see an awefull bunch of people buying them to go with the 805, even though they're not the best performing cooler.
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