How to Change win7 32bit to 64bit

Hi all,
I am running windows 7 HP in 32 bit and i want to change to a 64bit OS.
i had no idea that i needed a 64 bit OS, and got win7 HP disk that is only 32bit when i upgraded from vista.

Here are my questions.

1. What is the cheapest method to get the task done. What disk or download do i need?

2. Can it be done as an upgrade, keeping existing files? or is a clean install the only method?

3. i have already downloaded all the drivers in 64 bit versions. can i install the drivers, or make them useable to the windows upgrade/install during the instal process, or do i need to install the drivers after the windows installation is complete?

4. if i have to install drivers after the windows install, is there a way to tell if windows has already used a 64bit driver?

thanks in advance to any replies or comments.

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  1. You can't upgrade, only from Vista 64 to Windows 7 64 so you need a new OS. Windows 7 32 is good enough if you don't have more than 4G of RAM, you need 64-bit only if you have more RAM.
  2. i have 4 gb of ram. only 3gb useable.
    i also have problems reading sd cards and the like, that are 4gb and over.

    the pc originally came with vista, dont know if it was 64 bit or not.

    my pc is 64bit capable. so i have to buy another install disk, bummer.

    i might take this as a chance to do a full install of kubuntu and give it a real try, instead of trying it from a live disc.
  3. If your card reader is and older non SDHC one then that's why.
    You only gain some 0.8 G of RAM if you switch to 64-bit, for the rest the 64-bit is no better. .
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