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I’m in the process of planning a new computer build (mainly for gaming, but also for PVR, and office applications), and wanted to know if anyone has ever though about the following questions:

With the 7900 GTX GPU is there an AMD CPU processor capable of throttling the video card? If so, what is it?

Would this be alleviated if an SLI configuration is used? Is there an AMD CPU bottleneck with an SLI configuration?
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  1. Well, if you put a Sempron or entry-level A64 single core processor with an SLI config, there will be a bit of a bottleneck, but the same can be said with Intel processors. Besides, if you want to get rid of bottlenecks, any AMD dual-core processor should do the trick.
  2. What if I use an Athalon 64 3800+ CPU with a single 7900 GTX graphics card, what will be the bottle neck when playing graphics intensive games?

    Are duel-core processors recommended with high-end graphics cards?
  3. Dual core processors are great if you run multi-threaded applications (in this case games)

    Unfortunately there are few (if any) games optimised for dual core and as such you probably won't see an increase in performance. However, as one core can be devoted to running background tasks, that takes some load off the core that's running the game.

    With a 3800/7900GTX combo, the limiting factor would be the CPU as the GPU is one of the very best available (and the CPU isn't)

    Despite this, I really don't think that a 3800 is going to severely limit your performance. What RAM are you using?
  4. Quote:
    With a 3800/7900GTX combo, the limiting factor would be the CPU as the GPU is one of the very best available (and the CPU isn't)

    Um, no. Getting a 4400+ or even an FX60 won't improve anything, maybe will add couple of framerates. Playing at high resolutions (1280x1024 at least) and playing at high settings, eliminates the possible CPU "bottleneck" since the GPU is doing most work, so the CPU doesn't.

    I would say 3800/7900 is just fine. 3000/7900 is still good enough since the CPU has little less MHz.
  5. I was going for 2GB Corsair XMS.

    any word on the net about game developers moving towards supporting duel- core processors?
  6. I know it won't make much (if any) difference, but using basic logic if you have the best graphics card and not the best CPU, then the CPU has more headroom for improvement and as such would be the limiting factor, sort of.
  7. hey prozac boy !
    did you buy a new rig or still using your old junk? just curiosity.. no offense..
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