Accelero X2 with x1800xt, alright idle, high load temps

I couldn't stand the noise from my stock cooler so I picked up the Accelero X2 for myx1800xt. I'm running it at X1800xt pe speeds(700/800) With the stock cooler I got about 54C idle(with the fan only at 30%) and using dynamic fan speeds kept load temps under 70C. Now I installed the X2 and I'm running the fan constantly at 100%(because you can't even hear it) and I get around 47C idle which is alright, although I expected it to be even cooler than that idle. The problem is, my load temperature maxes out at around 76C(running 3dmark 06/playing WoW for a couple of hours) Also the voltage regulator temperature idles at about 55-60C which is higher than I remember it ever being with the stock fan. The good news is that the cooler is definitely quiet, which I'm happy about.

I checked over my install, the thermal grease was spread well and making contact with the gpu. The memory all have thermal pads on them. I'm worried my load speeds are borderline being too hot and from what I read I was expecting 40-45C idle and 60C load temps with the X2. Also most the tests/reviews I read didn't seem to have such a large jump between idle/load speeds. I get about a 25C-30C jump while the reviews were looking at 10-20C from idle to load. Any idea what the cause of this would be?
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  1. Either the temp is being reported incorrectly, or pick up some Arctic Silver 5 and see if it makes a difference.
  2. I heard the stock thermal grease they use is pretty good and it's making contact with the die because there was a nice thin coat on it when I took it off. Oh well, I have some AS5 sitting around that I bought when I started building my comp that I could try out. At first I thought maybe I didn't screw it on tight enough but the memory is definitely touching the thermal pads and the thermal grease on the graphics chip should show that the heatsink is actually touching. Also what/where exactly is the voltage regulator because I don't understand why it's temps would be so hot compared to the stock cooler.
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